I . Know what a Hard Drive is.

mrfxit, Jul 6, 1:59pm

mark.p, Jul 6, 2:38pm
I wonder if the tech knows what a floppy is.

gyrogearloose, Jul 6, 2:47pm
Or a stiffy.

mrfxit, Jul 6, 3:26pm
You asked & shall receive that information

mark.p, Jul 6, 3:34pm
Yes it pays to have good lubrication.

mark.p, Jul 6, 4:24pm
Dave those Bigfoot drives you supplied me a few years back are still going strong.

mrfxit, Jul 6, 5:21pm
LMAO blooming heck, thats great to hear

mark.p, Oct 22, 7:53am
They don't make them like they use to :)

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