The table top beside my laptop gets hot.

omaria, Jun 9, 5:10pm
Its a copper top table but not noticed this heat before.
Should I be worried?

r.g.nixon, Jun 9, 5:15pm
That is actually great. The table is acting as a heatsink. That means your laptop will run slightly cooler, which is *always* good. The heat is being spread out.

ianab, Jun 9, 5:35pm
Yup, it means your laptops fan and heatsink are working properly, and the heat from the processor and graphics chip is being blown out that vent in the side of the machine.

How much heat depends on how "hard" the system is working. If it's just showing web pages and running on battery, then it will just be ticking over and you might not notice the heat. If it's playing a graphical game, with mains power connected, it's "full power Mr Scott", and hot air will be coming out the vent.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 5:54pm
Install coretemp if you're worried - it'll show the current running temps of the processor cores in the machine. Can be useful.

black-heart, Jun 9, 5:59pm
actually it could mean the cooling on the laptop is blocked, and theres much more heat building up because its unable to cool properly.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 6:03pm
It does tend to suggest the laptop is putting out considerable heat. This one puts out about zero heat, (very minimal heat output), - the old one puts out a bit more than that. If I had one that was putting out considerable heat that would be some kind of warning that it's running hotter than it should. I'd check it with coretemp and go from there.

ianab, Jun 9, 7:09pm
The laptop itself getting hot is a concern.

The table beside it, not so much, because that's being heated by the heat leaving the machine.

How much heat depends on the machine and what it's doing. I've got little Acer with a 4 core Atom cpu that doesn't even have a cooling fan. Barely gets warm with everything running at 100%. But a gruntier I7 with a dedicated GPU can get pretty hot and needs all it's fans if it's actually being worked.

suicidemonkey, Nov 10, 8:03pm
Is it? Laptops do get hot. It might be a concern if it's getting overly hot when it's not doing much, but if there's a million Chrome tabs and 14 videos open at once then heat isn't an issue. Modern CPUs down clock to protect themselves before they overheat.

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