File Transfer via Bluetooth

illusion_, Jan 5, 2:00pm
and the poster took up the cudgel and battered herself into oblivion with it

carkitter, Jan 6, 3:30am
iOS devices are not compatible with Bluetooth File Transfer Profile (FTP) and never have been. The Bluetooth implementation on iOS devices is for handsfree calling, streaming music and syncing wearable accessories, not for file transfer which Apple considers to be a slippery slope towards copyright infringement of iTunes content. The easiest ways to send a document, picture or video to a Samsung device is via email or use of a Dropbox folder. Sending a music file is only possible by syncing the iOS device with iTunes on a PC or Mac, and then sending the music file from the computer.

Google implements all Bluetooth profiles in Android.
File Transfer Profile is available in Mac but pointless as it is significantly slower than Wifi.

carkitter, Jan 6, 3:34am
If you actually read your own link, you'd realise that solution is for Mac (OSX) and not iOS devices.

floydbloke, Jan 6, 9:49am
Yep. The hubris shown by some regular posters on this board frequently outweighs the quality level of their advice. It can be cringeworthy but also quite amusing.

vtecintegra, Jan 6, 10:19am

Perhaps it'd be best to take a step back and look at what the actual problem OP is trying to solve is. If it's keeping photos in sync between devices then there are excellent apps available like Google Photos, if it's just the odd file then there is Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc available

pattym1, Dec 21, 1:56pm
From iPad Air to Samsung Galaxy Tab. Can anyone tell me how this is done please and thank you

nice_lady, Dec 21, 2:30pm

pattym1, Dec 21, 2:32pm
i dont why anyone posts in this forum - seriously - i have looked at google - of course i have - i just thought there might be someone pleasant enough - with a bit of knowledge who might want to help out - but ok - thanks

nice_lady, Dec 21, 2:48pm
Oh so that nice apple help page I found with the EXACT information wasn't what you were wanting and you are quite ungrateful for my time spent?

Go pay someone to help huh?

pattym1, Dec 21, 2:58pm
its alright i will figure it out - have a nice day

king1, Dec 21, 3:56pm
yes you will have to think for yourself, we have yet to develop the technology to inject instructions directly into your mind.
crikey some people expect miracles.

mr-word, Dec 21, 4:00pm
I'd tell you to RTFM but Samsungs don't come with comprehensive manuals
you have to look at youtube tuts.

nice_lady, Dec 21, 4:42pm
Yeah. Not impressed!

Jeez some people are weird.

gyrogearloose, Dec 21, 5:04pm
So you'd prefer if, when you ask a question, you get ZERO answers because why would anyone post in this forum for fear of having the poster jump down their neck?

cube_guy, 5 days, 9 hours
At a guess, I'm going to say that you putting "Google worked for me" probably made the poster feel as if you were insinuating they were dumb for not having done the obvious thing and consulted Google first before posting. Not that I would think that way personally, but I can see how someone might.

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