Help with MS Access photos please

g14us, Jun 28, 3:19pm
I have several access databases in which I record our various collections. These all have provision for an image/photo.
All the databases have been set up in earlier versions of access where the photo field is set to an OLE Object.
The photo fields are Since I started using Access 2013 this does not work. I can set up the photo field to be attachment and that is fine BUT how do I change the existing records without having to go back and re-insert every photo. I have done this on some of the smaller databases but it is getting to be ridiculous. Surely there is some way to change the field data type.

black-heart, Jun 28, 3:25pm
oh god are you doing it wrong.
Make a gmail account.
use google photos.
unlimited storage.

g14us, Jun 28, 3:42pm
I can't see what it has to do with what email account I use or how I store my photos or any limit on storage capacity. Everything has worked perfectly for the last years - probably about 10-12 years - using MS Access where I can store data in text, date and number format not just photos. It is only since I moved to Access 2013 which has changed the picture format in the actual databases that I have run into trouble

nice_lady, Jun 28, 3:57pm

g14us, Jun 28, 4:13pm
I think I worked my way through that page, or something very similar, before coming onto TM Computing thread.But I couldn't solve my problem. One part on that suggests changing the photo field from OLE to Object but the DB doesn't give you that option

vtecintegra, Jun 28, 5:23pm
Just because you've been bashing in screws with a hammer for the last decade doesn't mean you should continue to do so.

Use the right tool for the right job

g14us, Jun 28, 6:01pm
OK so what should I use to enable me to continue using and adding records to the databases I have set up. What other way can I add records that include several fields, not just photos, to these databases. I presume you are suggesting I can convert the records I have into some other program. What is that please? MS Excel does not allow me to do what I want and I want more than just a collection of photos.

emmerson1, Jun 28, 10:43pm
It seems that OLE is gone, and you are right about using the attachment method which seems to be recommended now. You might be able to write a script to automate adding each photograph as an attachment if you have the name of the photo stored in the record, but otherwise doing it by hand might be your only way.

Alternatively, you could follow the other suggestions and hope there is another tool which might import your Access files.

duncb, Jul 1, 10:47pm
I come from a past time when OLE was common place. I can help you. I will set up set up some listings tomorrow. ask a question if you still need some help

mark.p, Oct 27, 7:43am
Whats wrong with using the old version of Access?

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