Adobe prem pro to DVD

kinger7, May 26, 9:10pm
Just having a quality issue. The files have been rendered in HD but when I change the render settings to mpegDVD it rapes the quality something chronic . To be able to burn onto a DVD the video file has to be encoded to do so. Any suggestions on what programs to use as im not happy with PR .

suicidemonkey, May 27, 12:55pm
Yes, DVD quality is terrible, 720x576 resolution. You could play around with the bitrate settings but generally you'll be losing a lot of quality no matter what.

r.g.nixon, May 27, 1:32pm
A DVD can store formats better than standard DVD resolution. Depends what you want to play it on though.

kinger7, May 27, 1:36pm
just a standard DVD player to be on the safe side. Its for a group of dance students to keep as a memento from a recent trip. Its all been uploaded to youtube but I just think its a nice thing to also have tucked away

suicidemonkey, May 27, 1:57pm
True, not all DVD players will support it though.

gyrogearloose, May 27, 2:45pm
I considered buying a blu-ray burner because of the limitations of DVD, briefly, before realising that using a USB stick would be much faster, easier, and wouldn't need any transcoding so long as the TV or player supported the format.

So my advice is, buy a bunch of 4GB USB sticks and copy the best quality version of the video onto a stick for each student.

edit: a USB stick also allow you to include any other files, such as the newsletters, group photo's, newspaper clippings.

kinger7, May 27, 3:38pm
but but but i bought a fancy printer that prints directly onto DVDs lol

gyrogearloose, Nov 19, 4:43am
Sure, I'm onto my 3rd one like that. You can get customised USB sticks too.

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