DVD reader/writer seen by Windows.

gettinggrey, Feb 1, 4:21pm
New install of LG DVD reader/writer SATA model. Yes, it's there says Windows (XP).
But it won't read any media on any disc.
Tried a 'Device Manager' uninstall of the thing, restart Windows, it finds new hardware, and sure enough it now shows on 'My Computer' again.
But still won't read any disc inserted.
Googled the problem. Tried the registry fix (delete upper filters/lower filters) but don't have that showing in my registry.
So, dodgy new device? Try an IDE model? Try another make/model.
Any of you ever had this problem? It's a first for me, and have fitted lots of CD/DVD reader/writers over the years.
Computer 'sees' it, but won't read any disc.
Probably try another new one tomorrow, but just hoped one of you folk had had this problem and sorted it.

muppet_slayer, Feb 10, 12:50am
Try cleaning the laser lens with some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud

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