Removing speech from youtube clip to get the music

variable, Jul 25, 9:57pm
Marzuka, are you still alive? Reply me in your hotmail goddamit.

mr-word, Jul 25, 11:55pm
Put the video link from youtube
Download in Audio format of your choice.
Download and install audacity .
Do a vocal remove.
And save file.

suicidemonkey, Jul 26, 9:38am
It works but IMO there's no point, it destroys the quality.

45central, Aug 18, 8:24pm
From this clip, Id like the music but not the speech. Any idea on how to achieve it?

45central, Aug 18, 8:25pm
Same in this youtube clip

gyrogearloose, Aug 18, 9:40pm
It won't be possible. The guy is a hip/hop motivational speaker and that's his music and his speech. You can buy his stuff on iTunes -

mikep, Aug 18, 9:56pm
If you're prepared to put in some time, you could use an audio editor such as Audacity: You would need to filter out the frequencies associated with speech and see what you get. Th emusic in the first video i sso quiet compared to the speech you'll get a muddy mess. The second one might be more successful. You can use a program such as this: to separate the audio from the video.
Good luck.

suicidemonkey, Aug 18, 11:39pm
Even with the best audio editing tools in the world and a ton of experience it's almost impossible.

It's like trying to remove a character from a movie and expecting it to look normal.

mr-word, Aug 19, 7:39pm
You would have to download the video first.

suicidemonkey, Aug 19, 10:50pm
Would only work if the audio and voice was outputted on separate channels, which won't be the case .

marzuka, Aug 20, 5:26am

suicidemonkey, Oct 6, 5:06am
Well I've been wrong before.

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