How to top laptop turning off by itself

kiwikid1, Feb 5, 7:47am
Any one have idea how to stop laptop turning itself off. Makes hard when trying to do something and turns itself off-sometimes updates but sometimes not sure. Anyone have ideas why or how to help stop?

nice_lady, Feb 5, 7:59am
Does it tell you it's about to turn off or just suddenly shut off ?

king1, Feb 5, 8:00am
if its a sudden shutdown it might be overheating and need some dust cleaned out. will also happen if you use the laptop on a duvet or similar that blocks the air vents on the bottom

mmmail, Apr 3, 6:40pm
Some assistance please re possible PC overheating
i'm running Win10, a 64-bit, X64 based processor, AMD-A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 8.00GB

Installed a little app called "Core Temp" - what are the key readings I should be looking at here please?

Currently the ones standing out to me are: [degrees]
Tj Max 70
CPU #0 51
Min 37
Max 59

core 0 51
core 1 51
core 2 50
core 3 51

Am I running hot or in safe range please?

Thank you.

nice_lady, Apr 3, 6:51pm
Unless your computer is constantly running over 70 degrees or more then temps shouldn't be any issue at all. Currently this laptop for instance is sitting on 38deg on both cores. Yours shows 50deg ? That's fine. And certainly not going to overheat it.

The computer is most likely designed to shut itself off at around just over 100deg.

vtecintegra, Apr 3, 9:51pm
That's hot for a desktop CPU but nothing dangerous. Those old AMD APUs were extremely power hungry for the performance you get and came with a very cheap cooler so that's what you'd expect.

supernova2, Apr 4, 11:16am
Check you power settings. It might be set to turn off if not being used after a silly period like 30secs.

gsimpson, Apr 4, 12:10pm
I had mine overheat and it was as simple as one of the rubber feet on the bottom fallen off. It was enough with it sitting lower to cause overheat and it was on a hard surface.

mmmail, Apr 5, 5:42pm
Thanks to all for their helpful feedback!

jetgriff, Apr 5, 7:23pm
my new HP laptop does it too, just goes "ping" and switches off then would take ages to reboot, I just hold the on off button for 9 secs so it turns off and then back on. dam annoying anything half through is lost.

nice_lady, Apr 5, 8:04pm
Your new laptop does this ?
That shouldn't be happening.
There will be a reason for it.

mmmail, Apr 5, 10:13pm
A little FREE App called "Core Temp", install it and it'll tell you what temp your computer is running at. [Just when you're installing it, because it's free, they'll encourage you install other apps - so just be aware when you click yes or no], but the app itself appears safe.

jetgriff, Apr 6, 10:11am
:-) I think HP Laptops hate me. the one I got this to replace will not switch off, well the programs close it goes quiet and the screen goes black. But the on switch stays alight and again have to hold it for 9 secs to close down 100%.
I tried all the disconnect battery, drain battery, complete reinstall win 10,, but again must be an HP fault.
I just learnt to live with it.

supernova2, Apr 6, 10:18am
Power adapter still plugged in? Might actually be "off" but still showing a live power connection perhaps?

jetgriff, Dec 27, 3:48am
No, power adapter in or out,, stays the same, sometimes if I close down within a few minutes and not running a program it will go off, but can never find the culprit for keeping it on.

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