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masturbidder, Jan 30, 4:35pm
Anyone know what 'modern setup host' is doing in Windows 10?
We have 3 PCs and 2 of them updated recently, and noticed the fan and drive running flat out, and very slow response.
Task manager shows 100% disc, 60% memory and close to 90% CPU running for two days.
The main app is 'modern setup host', what is it doing and can I stop it?

suicidemonkey, Jan 30, 4:44pm
There is a ton of info on Google.

From what I just read it might be to do with recent updates are Windows installs new features.

king1, Jan 30, 4:58pm
windows updating - if you have a low spec machine it can certainly make it a bit slow - best bet is to extend the sleep delay time in power settings and walk away and leave it for a while

masturbidder, Jan 30, 5:07pm
I wish Microsoft would stop messing with my computer; I don't need any new features, just stop hogging all my resources so we can get some work done.
That's what it was bought it for.
And one PC has been doing this for two days continuously, it just slows down for a rest sometimes then takes off again.

king1, Jan 30, 5:12pm
Depends entirely on the specs, with some of the cheap and crappy laptops I see these days I could quite imagine it taking a lot of time. and hardware problems could also contribute

black-heart, Jan 30, 5:15pm
Still Microsofts fault. All the money the pay* laptop manufacturers to not sell any laptops with anything but windows, and the minimum specs they provide to hardware vendors. it all goes back to them.
*discounts on windows licenses.

/should install ubuntu

masturbidder, Jan 30, 5:19pm
Not cheap or crappy . this one is an HP workstation.
A few years old but plenty of speed and ram for any normal function.

black-heart, Jan 30, 6:33pm
'few years old' lol, read the file name 'modern setup host'

king1, Jan 30, 6:38pm
list the specs then, and check the hard drive with hdsentinel

loud_37, Jan 30, 6:44pm
Ive seen some pretty nasty HP workstations, even some current ones are well below on specs. Also all the HP preinstalled crap on them slows them down.

ianab, Jan 30, 7:44pm
This. Especially if the machine has been upgraded from the original 7/8 version of Windows, then through several versions of Win10. With all the original HP crapware still in place.

Sometimes it's better to back up your data, download a clean Win10 installation disk from the MS web site, and just Nuke what you have now. Set up a completely clean install and I bet it will run a LOT better.

Yes you could spend the next 2 days tracing bugs / version conflicts and random crap. Or you could have a clean install running in ~2 hours.

Of course make sure you have enough RAM, and the HD isn't going bad as both of those will cripple your machine too.

cube_guy, Jan 30, 8:05pm
Until something cripples your system that Microsoft could of patched, and then its "Why don't Microsoft look after their customers better?"

masturbidder, Jan 30, 8:53pm
There seems to be a constant push to throw out perfectly good hardware when a lot of the new stuff is cheap-and-nasty junk.
Both our workstations are certified- refurbished machines with new Win10 installs, used for CAD and graphics which are quite demanding apps.
And security patches are necessary but are usually small files.
What I object to is the forced downloading of MS upgrades with all sorts of bloatware most people don't want or need and may not work with my apps. I just want a stable platform to do real work with.
Rant over. And my PC has just calmed down after 36 hours of working its ass off, doing what?

black-heart, Jan 30, 9:08pm
Plenty of non windows CAD programs around.

davepro, Jan 31, 10:23am
Yet another reason why I'm going to stick with Win7 when I replace my computer.

Sits back and waits for rants.


vtecintegra, Jan 31, 10:36am
You can?

cube_guy, Jan 31, 1:24pm
This just seems odd, Every single component in both of my gaming PC's could be replaced with a newer component that is basically better in every way (except maybe price if you want a new GPU or DDR4 ram right now). And every single component you could buy now at any given price point is basically better in every conceivable way than what it was 5 years ago. I'm curious to know for what hardware you think is cheap and nasty junk?

grb235, Jan 31, 2:31pm
Suitable for commercial use? Lots of toy ones but commercial? Sure they can save as a DWG file but Autocad wont read it as it is not authentic.

Cad programs are going into the cloud but the expense of a seat is way way way over the top.

grb235, Jan 31, 2:34pm
Running windows 7 on i7 and i5 CPU's No problems at all.

There are "tricks" that can authenticate any new Win7 installation.

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 2:35pm
What gen? Skylake was the last supported build and you?

masturbidder, Jan 31, 3:17pm
What I object to is Microsoft taking control of my property whenever they feel like it, and changing things for unknown reasons.
Consider. my car is a tool for transport, Honda made it but I own and use it. The car was recalled to replace faulty airbags; that is a good thing to do and scheduled at a convenient time. But if Honda repossessed it to put frills around the cup-holder or paint adverts on the doors . how many customers would put up with that?
So why does MS think its okay to hijack my working PC and do who-knows-what with my files for two days?

event_horizon_1, Jan 31, 4:12pm
Microsoft own the operating system. The end user, you, are licensed to use said operating system. They can do what ever they like with their property, if you don't like it use something else.
Comparing this against your car analogy doesn't work as you own the vehicle, but your vehicle registration "licenses" you to use the roads. You don't own the roads so you get no say in what happens to them.

grb235, Feb 1, 12:44pm
Them I will stick with Skylake. The new 7th generation i7 will have to wait.

Our programs run well on Win7 and we need to test Win10 suitability.

When it requires $20K per seat to upgrade CADCAM and Solid Modelling software to Win10 compatability, we will pass that expense on till a later date.

One long term option is to get the Win7 machines running as we like, take them offline and only use a Win10 machine for online use but without the software we need to run design, productions and operations.

With Win7 support ending in 2020 we have a few years to decide which way to jump.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 12:49pm
Doesn't mean the Govt or roading authority has the right to change the operation capabilities of your car willy nilly or even at all.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 12:59pm
Sure they have the right to change their operating system but they seem to have given themselves the 'right' to impose the changes on the end user, (who may not have any choice but to use Windows systems), without consultation or notice or enabling the end user to prevent changes from what they have - which may indeed work perfectly well for them.

As for "If you don't like it use something else" this is complete garbage. I work in the office of a supermarket. We have system critical software, which has a very major part in the background running process of our supermarket, (and others in the chain), and which when Ms introduced Win10 and began forcing it on people, crashed big time. We cannot shut the shop because Ms want to screw up our system software by forcing a new operating system on us - this could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in a very short time. So we blocked installation of Win10. "Use something else" was NOT an option. This may have changed now, I can't say as I haven't looked into it - it's not in my job description to do so. We are part of a multi million dollar operation. Someone in the backrooms at head office will be dealing with this.

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