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vtecintegra, Feb 1, 1:09pm
Yeah so like I said you?

grb235, Feb 1, 1:12pm
With nice-lady on this. Commercial users have found the Win10 changeover is a unmitigated disaster waiting to happen. If Win10 does a slow down due to auto update, your operational abilities are compromised and potentially locked unless you have the Win10 Enterprise edition.

At least AMD is willing to fill a 40% market segment for Win7 users by making their new Ryzen CPU's Win7 compatible.

Now motherboard/cpu upgrade for existing computers and AMD CPU equipped new computers. Wonder if Intel will change to enable Win7 compatibility. Large market share to ignore.

Worth a read

event_horizon_1, Feb 1, 1:22pm
There are always options, if people/corporations can't see that or don't want to change then best of luck.
Also the two massive ransomware attacks last year shows that if people and in these cases business/corporations don't keep their hardware and software up to date.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 1:27pm
Hmm do tell what the 'options' are when the major running software is supplied by whoever and we have no control over that or the operating system upon which it resides. And these appear to be incompatible when a new operating system is imposed upon us and the other software supplier hasn't got their, (incredibly complex), software up to speed to work with the new system.

Options ?

Yeah, keep running the older systems, block the new O/s. Hope someone, somewhere, sometime sorts it out before it all turns to crap and ends up costing the business millions of dollars.

I guess I don't care so long as I'm getting my weekly pay.

event_horizon_1, Feb 1, 1:49pm
I used to work in a large retail chain store that had proprietary software written for them (not sure if written by them) back in the 80's that managed the inventory/sales and other stuff that I have no idea what it did nor needed to.
Their own IT department maintain it to this day.
I will admit they also used to run Windows XP (wasn't system critical) back then so not sure how they have managed Win10 if at all but that is not the point.
You say your company have system critical software and that the downtime from sorting out Windows would be costly yet they don't want to write their own software and maintain it to remove themselves from that reliance.
Small businesses and individuals would have a harder time doing this but there are always choices.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 1:57pm
No, I didn't say they don't want to write their own software. I don't have any knowledge about that at all and can't comment on their policy in that way.

I can say that "downtime from sorting out Windows" would be more than 'costly' it'd result in all that particular chain's shops, and theres LOTS of them, shutting up untill things got working again. The damage would run into many multiple millions of dollars. So yeah someone somewhere should have anticipated this I guess but how could they anticipate what Microsoft would do - exactly - and prepare for that ? I dunno. I just work in the office. I just know that we had to lock down the computers so they couldn't update to Win10 as the place would have completely shit itself otherwise. I'm not responsible for this. Someone is. As I say I don't really care so long as I get paid.

vtecintegra, Feb 1, 2:54pm
Pretty sure that?

grb235, Feb 1, 5:22pm
Did you read the article (and comments) referenced in the post?

And these Chip drivers are downloadable for use.

Release date 16 Jan 2018

masturbidder, Feb 1, 9:34pm
The general problem is that computer stuff is run by geeks who often treat it as a hobby and lack understanding of the big wide world of commerce. Most of us don't care about the technicals, our PC is just a tool to get real things done. If it is necessary to upgrade then it was better handled like Win2k with service packs.
I have a motor mower to cut grass; I pour in petrol and pull the starter then expect to just mow the lawn without understanding thermodynamics. Same with computers, although some geeks might disagree!

king1, Feb 9, 8:07pm
Completely wrong, technology is run by corporations who don't want to be sued or otherwise called to account for not doing enough to protect users.

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