Latest Windows 10 update

emd-253, Jun 13, 11:12am
The latest 10 update has been downloading for over an hour now and is only up to 10% is this normal?
It does say "this will take a while" but hey!

peanuts37, Jun 13, 11:15am
Let it do its thing. Have seen it take 4 hours on older/slow computers. You can still use computer, it will let you know if it wants a restart to finish.

tmg, Jun 13, 11:17am
thanks for the warning - OP

r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 11:24am
Depends what you mean by latest. Today I updated three computers, took less than 5 mins each to update. Not sure about the download, probably similar.

emd-253, Jun 13, 11:26am
Right, that laptop is over 5yrs old. I will let it "do it's thing"

emd-253, Jun 13, 11:27am
The one they have been notifying me about for a week.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 11:57am
Do you mean 'downloading' - from the internet ?
Or Installing on your computer ?

emd-253, Jun 13, 12:03pm
The latest update to Windows 10, downloaded from the internet I have been getting "this is available" notices for about a week.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 12:45pm
What I'm trying to ascertain is - are you currently downloading it and it hasn't yet begun to install or

Have you downloaded it and the process it's now going through is the install ?

r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 12:50pm
Ok, that will be the massive one from April, not the one from the last 24 hrs.

peanuts37, Jun 13, 12:57pm
Thought it was that one, not today's, can take ages on some older machines. Sometimes a few goes at it also.

camac99, Jun 14, 9:54pm
What annoys me is that there is no indication before or after as to what the update was supposed to achieve, and ideally give you the chance to opt out. e.g. I don't play games , so don't want updates to "speed them up".

I have been using PC's since the days of DOS 3.1. and liked the fact that I controlled what went onto the machine

jethrocat, Jun 17, 11:17pm
damn win10 update . latest biggie took over 4 hours to download and install.

that previous one where they put "people" on my laptop, took over 19 friggin hours.

my main Toshiba pro c850 is 64 bit. the other one is setup as 32 bit and is much quicker on windows 10

ianab, Jun 18, 9:50am
Try removing all the unneeded system utilities that Toshiba has added from the factory. It's mostly bloatware that seems to REALLY bog the system down. I suspect most of it was written for Win7, and it seems to play havoc with the Win10 updates.

Been playing with one here, and after booting it was sitting there with 100% disk usage while seemingly checking the update status. No one had been patient enough to leave it running long enough (days?) to complete the checks, so next day it would start the process again. It was effectively unusable.

Removed all the Toshiba system crap, leaving a cleaner Win10. Rebooted and 5 min later it pops up that it wants to install an update. OK that, 5 mins later it's rebooted and now running fine.

So yes the issues you have is real, but that's a possible fix for it. It's not really a Win10 fault, it's the crapware that Toshiba etc preloaded onto their machines.

nice_lady, Jun 18, 10:14am
You cant officially opt out any more though if you look there are some apps available which turn off or block the update process - I haven't tried any.

henry284, Jun 18, 11:23am
There's a couple ways to disable Windows update without downloading any dodgy third party solutions.

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. Type gpedit.msc, and then click OK.
3. Expand Computer Configuration.
4. Right-click Administrative Templates, and then click Add/Remove Templates.
5. Click Add, click Wuau.admin the Windows\Inf folder, and then click Open.
6. Click Close.
7.Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then expand Windows Update.

The Configure Automatic Updates policy appears. This policy specifies whether the computer receives security updates and other important downloads through the Windows Automatic Updates feature. The settings for this policy let you specify if automatic updates are enabled on the computer. If the service is enabled, you must select one of the three configuration options.

8. To view the policy settings, double-click the Configure Automatic Updates policy.
9. To turn on Automatic Updates, click Enabled or to turn off select Disabled.

nice_lady, Nov 3, 7:00pm
gpedit.msc isn't available in win10 Home ed but that's not insurmountable

Hmmm Wuau.admin doesn't exist in my win10 Home Ed either.

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