Fibre upgrade from 100 to 950 Mbps?

fishb8, Jan 1, 4:51pm
My Republic have replied to my complaints, made additional changes and suggested I try certain things, like connect with LAN cable (which I had already done), then change cables, connect directly to the ONT box and take a screen dump of the performance tab on task manager.
Now the download/upload is pretty much the same as first test.

hayster94, Jan 1, 6:26pm
Have you tried testing on different servers on speedtest?

r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 6:44pm
Is your ethernet cable CAT5, CAT5E, or CAT6?

shakespeare6, Jan 1, 7:55pm
Stupid question but your network card / device you are testing with is a Gb card?

gyrogearloose, Jan 1, 8:18pm
The only times I've done serious speed testing on gigabit network connections, the team could not achieve better than 300-400mbps. Linux was better than Windows, which we attributed to differences in the TCPIP stack.

Your results being lower, either your hardware can't clear the network card buffer fast enough, or you have some packet loss. Either way, I'm very skeptical you would be able to exceed 400mbps, although if you run several speed tests at the same time you might get a better cumulative result.

My advice would be to ensure your hardware and especially the network card is fast, and then try several speedtests at the same time to see what the cumulative result is.

hayster94, Jan 1, 9:24pm
^I consistently get over 900Mbps down. It could be hardware but I would think it would have to be fairly old to not support a gigabit connection.

fishb8, Jan 1, 10:02pm
Not sure what mine are but will buy the best to try.

fishb8, Jan 1, 10:05pm
Tried with 2 different computers - both pretty high spec. laptop + desktop.

r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 10:54pm
5E is fine for 1 Gb/s. CAT6 doesn't bend around tight corners safely.

fishb8, Jan 4, 6:12am
From MR

Damian Morgan (MyRepublicNZ)

Jan 2, 10:32 AM NZDT
Hi Roy,

Thanks for that.

It looks as though something is capping your speeds at 100Mbps. If you are getting 100/100Mbps from a speed test directly to the ONT, can you double check the ethernet cables you are using.

CAT5e and CAT6 cables will be needed for speeds above 100Mbps, CAT5 cabling will not be able to obtain speeds any higher than 100Mbps.

Also, can you check the LAN adapter speed on your computer while connected to the router or ONT?

In Windows Start menu, click Search and type "Device Manager".
In Device Manager, click Network Adapters and go to the properties of your network card.
In the Advanced tab, find the Speed & Duplex setting.
The value should be "Auto Negotation", however, in the dropdown there is a list of speeds the card can support.

If 1Gbps is in the list, the card supports gigabit speeds. "

I am buying new CAT 5E or 6 today
BTW, that Speed & Duplex setting is not on laptop's Network Adapter.

nice_lady, Jan 4, 6:43am

Don't know what kind of machine you have but thats the speed of the LAN card on this laptop which is only about 4 months old. It's an HP with Intel i5 so it's not bottom of the barrel . Yet it doesn't do gigabit. Hmmm. not that it's used plugged in anyway.

Whats the exact make/model you have it should be easy enough to check the specs prior to buying some new hardware, (the cabling), that may not even be of use ?

spyware, Jan 4, 8:09am
Issues with the cable isn't really as stated. Problem arises from the patch leads included with routers only having two pairs terminated - thus only fastEthernet. Visually examine the patch lead, if it has 4 pairs of wires then all good.

If you don't use such a cable then the problem isn't with the cable. Your speed isn't capped at 100/100 anyway so you don't have cable problem.

fishb8, Jan 5, 7:37am
Got new CAT6 cable then phoned support and he got me to do a few things and took over remote control to do some tests.
New result from LAN From wifi
No real change, there

shakespeare6, Jan 5, 8:42am
? your attacking the problem in the middle- its not that hard. Forget the wifi. Most likely your cables are 5e- so rule out the cable. Look at the hardware next. The ISP is sure the speed is present at the ont and functioning as it should. so next look at the machines you are testing with. I have 3 laptops i use in my lab here at present - not one of them has a GbE lan NIC. all three machines are pretty high spec due to the nature of the work I do- one being a month old. I have several desk tops where i have added GbE NIC. So you need to carry out the test as advised by your ISP and confirm your NIC are GbE capable. otherwise you can test and through everything at it and you will not see any difference.
Post up your NIC specs.
FYI when I want GbE on a laptop normally for testing only I plug in a usb NIC

Once you have confirmed your hardware you can look at your Router / ISP

fishb8, Jan 5, 5:03pm
That GbE lan NIC stuff is all new to me. I'm a bit out of my depth, here!
My desktop is upstairs and ONT is downstairs so will be on wifi

fishb8, Dec 22, 8:45am
Got this email from My Republic:-
We have upgraded your MyRepublic Fibre connection from the 100Mbps speed tier to our Fibre Pro which allows you to get a free speed boost of up to 950Mbps download at your current 100Mbps monthly plan fee for the next 3 months.

To ensure that you can enjoy the new speed tier, simply power cycle your modem (power off at the wall for 30 seconds then power back on)."

Did the re-boot but only get 8/104/198. much faster upload but download is no faster.
Have an ASUS RT-N56U modem.
Is there anything I can do to boos my speed?

vtecintegra, Dec 22, 9:29am
Use a cable to the router

Anyway it?

black-heart, Dec 22, 11:51am
the magical words. "up to" as used by ISP sales teams since 1982.

540trickzter, Dec 22, 11:56am
Hopefully I get the email. I've been on their 100mb plan for nearly 2 years now.

nice_lady, Dec 22, 11:57am
Ring up the ISP, tell em you're not impressed with their 'ultra'

suicidemonkey, Dec 22, 12:01pm
Are you on wifi? If so, use a cable.

lythande1, Dec 22, 12:23pm
It's "up to", all depends on traffic, and stuff as usual.

nice_lady, Dec 22, 12:27pm
Or log into the modem and take a look at the real connection speed.

fishb8, Mar 12, 6:05pm
Have logged into modem but can't see an actual connection speed. What tab should I be looking at?

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