Laptop ?

korbo, May 12, 5:42pm
My Toshiba laptop was working perfectly fine until 2 days ago. Bought a new phone and plugged it in to download photos. nothing came up to tell me anything was happening.then this happens.
It turns on, the pretty picture comes on, then the bit to sign in, do that, then Welcome comes across the screen, then it goes blank.(bluey colour) and I have to press the on/off button to turn off.
any ideas anyone?

exwesty, May 12, 6:30pm
Still trying to boot it with the phone plugged in?

ianab, May 12, 9:16pm
Unplug from the wall and pop the battery out to give it a full "power off" reset.

Just powering it off and on with the power button doesn't reset all the electronics as the battery is keeping some standby power on the system.

Not guaranteed to fix the problem, but it often does.

korbo, May 13, 12:46pm
. no.

king1, May 13, 12:58pm
how long have you left it on for? if you haven't already turn it on and leave it for an hour.

ianab, May 13, 5:29pm
Power off and battery out should reset it in maybe 10 seconds. What people miss is taking the battery out, so it never really resets.

I had a little Acer netbook thing the other day that just wouldn't boot right, and it had no removable battery. But looking on the bottom there was a little button marked with "disconnect battery". Push that with a pen for 10sec, and it reset tings.

So the laptop makers know that sometimes you have to remove the battery power.

Of course that might not be the actual problem, but it costs nothing to try.

korbo, May 13, 9:26pm
took the battery out and left for 4 hrs.
still not working. still turns on, but after Welcome. nothing but a blank pale blueish screen.

r.g.nixon, May 13, 9:28pm
Can you get into 'Safe Mode'?

korbo, Nov 28, 2:46am
IT man checked it and something to do w ith explorer. all fixed now.

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