How do I connect my dvd to TV?

matilde58, Aug 4, 10:55am
My new TV has only one set of RCA inputs which are used by the freeview box. Is the another way to connect?
TV has HDMI, USB,and VGA inputs. The DVD has RCA, and S-video outputs. Maybe a converter cable?
Any help much appreciated, cheers, Julie

acura, Aug 4, 11:00am
Maybe easier just to get a new player - they are dirt cheap these days for even a blueray player. Besides RCA and S-video are pretty low quality outputs - sure you don't also have component video out?

androth2, Aug 4, 11:22am
the freeview should have a HDMI output also

rayonline_tm, Aug 4, 11:42am
If you have a laptop with DVD and it has a HDMI port you could use that also.

spyware, Aug 4, 12:26pm
Older DVB-S Freeview boxes may not have HDMI, all DVB-T boxes will. If DVB-S box is that old it will be obsolete (not work) when Freeview sat shifts to DVB-S2 H.264 which in theory happens this year.

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