Modem with coaxial cable connection

jaide, Mar 17, 12:06pm
I've been having problems staying connected to ADSL via phone line, I would like to go to cable as I had that before and no problems (although it was a different address and different ISP). The modem provided doesn't have a coaxial connection. I have gone through TM listings but am clueless which of those would have it - any advice please?

acura, Mar 17, 12:30pm
1st of all do you have the required cable connection at your place?

jaide, Mar 17, 12:36pm
Yes :)

andrew1954, Mar 17, 12:48pm
If you have a cable connection does not the modem come as part of the subscription. a few years ago I had Cable tv / internet / phone and i,m sure i had to return the modem thingee when i un-subsribted

jaide, Mar 17, 1:08pm
My provider only provides a generic ADSL network modem with no coxial cable connection.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 1:21pm
Only Vodafone does cable and only in some areas. You won?

spyware, Mar 17, 7:16pm
ADSL problem is most likely house wiring, have Chorus fix it.

nice_lady, Mar 17, 7:20pm
Hows the cellphone coverage ?
Maybe you could sign up to 'wireless' internet as they call it ?
Works through cell tower signals not landline.
Spark, Voda, and Skinny all do it and perhaps other do also

ianab, Mar 17, 9:57pm
"Cable" for TV and internet never really caught on in NZ. Some areas do have it, but Vodafone is the only ISP that offers it, and it's basically being superseded by fibre.

It still has the same issues as regular phone wires. Copper that corrodes and gets hit by lightning. Your old cable worked better because it was newer than the 50+ year old phone wires you are using now.

jaide, Mar 18, 8:36am
My ISP didn't say I had to change provider to connect cable, they said I just connect it up!
OK, makes sense it's Vodafone who offers it as I was with Clear before when I had it. I'll check out their plans - thanks for your help everyone :)

jaide, Mar 18, 9:32am
I sent my ISP an email about this and they said this: "We do not supply modems that support coaxial cables however you may be able to find an adapter at your local electronic store. Please bear in mind, we do not support this kind of connection and will not be able to assist in troubleshooting the coaxial cable."

So I can stay with them but simply change modems?

So, back to my initial query - how do I find one please? Many don't state if they're coxial or not and running a search in TM produced no results.

king1, Mar 18, 9:43am
no isp other than vodafone can use the cable network as vodafone own it.If you want to go back to it you will need to switch ISP to vodafone and they will supply the modem. Even if you sourced one and plugged it in it would not work because vodafone have not activated the connection for you.

You probably received the reply you did from the current ISP because they didn't quite understand the line of questioning.

lythande1, Jan 8, 9:13am
You don't.
You either go to Vodafone and use cable, with their modem or get your wiring sorted or change to fibre or wireless broadband. There is no cable as such with any other ISp.

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