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gildon, Aug 24, 5:17pm
This morning I had a call from a "computer technician" sounding very similar to the calls we used to get from "Microsoft" telling us our computer was faulty and they would tell us how to correct it! This time the caller claimed to be from Spark and it was my modem which was playing up and they had found that other people were using the data from my computer. He proceeded to tell me to turn on the computer, how many lights could I see on the modem etc. etc. To start with our broadband is not with Spark, I am not having any problems and when I said I did not have time to deal with this matter right now but if he would give me his number so I could ring him back when I was free, the line went dead! I suspect this is a new slant on the old 'Microsoft" calls. Has anyone else had these calls? The call was obviously from overseas and the caller had a strong Asian accent.

nice_lady, Aug 24, 5:25pm
Oh ho ho ha ha . you're probably better off posting this in "General".

mr-word, Aug 24, 6:32pm
Yes it is the technical support scammers they just change the script depending on the country for example England they pretend to be British Telecom.

nice_lady, Aug 24, 6:38pm
Hubby loves it when they ring it's so entertaining.

gyrogearloose, Aug 24, 6:55pm
Their cousin at the call centre in New Zealand gave them your details, if a guarantee was worth the ether it traveled across I'd give you an assurance this was true.

ianab, Aug 24, 7:11pm
Same scam, just a different script.

mr-word, Aug 24, 8:23pm
It is important to specify that this scam operates from India although American call centers also operate the scam as well as the IRS scam although the call centers get country specific details mixed up sometimes. Asian (Malaysian?) scammers do the sex-tortion scam.

tegretol, Aug 24, 8:26pm
Ask them when they last performed with an animal. They find that so utterly offensive that even the most hardened scammers will drop the call.

lythande1, Aug 25, 8:31am
How can you not know abou this already? It's all over the place, has been for ages.

Yes, how would an ISP know "others" are using the data. and why would they even care? So long as you are paying them, they sure don't ring you about usage.

wembley1, Aug 25, 7:12pm
The world needs more wares.

tmg, Aug 25, 9:34pm
He rang me earlier the same day & I told him he was a Liar & Scammer & should go annoy the next on the list which must of been you . ;-)

nbrob, Aug 26, 9:45am
You usually get a clue as there is a delay in them speaking after you answer the phone.

amuso, Aug 26, 8:28pm
Line them up beside the lerts.

valentino, Aug 27, 11:45am
Tell them "Gotcha - you have been traced or tracked"

LOL big time.

zak410, Aug 31, 1:57pm

amasser, Sep 6, 10:54am
'Simon Wilkinson from Spark Technical Services' rang yesterday. Haven't used Spark in 10 years and doubt that his name was really Simon.
No performance bonus for him at his next review, failing to meet targets.

nice_lady, Sep 6, 11:32am
***Rubs hands together and waits for next scam caller***

tmg, Sep 11, 12:06am
Me too . ;-)

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