Password retrieval - .zip files

tegretol, Aug 13, 3:05pm
Has anyone sucessfully used any of the available apps to hack a password from a pkzip created .exe file?

Seems that most of the freebies have hooks and otherwise unknown risks.

nice_lady, Aug 13, 3:14pm
Good luck with it. Brute force could take anywhere from seconds to years to get the password.

mr-word, Aug 13, 7:57pm
Try and remember the website where you downloaded the zip file from.
Sometimes there is a comment in the zip file where the file was downloaded from.

black-heart, Aug 13, 8:24pm
I've used john the ripper. its good.

tegretol, Sep 25, 3:49am
Looks good if you are a Linux guru or still have XP but there is a mention on a blog that it won't deal with the self extracting zip (ie the .exe file). Mmmm, more research.

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