granda1, Jan 29, 12:52pm
I have been swamped with unwanted garbage from overseas, Blacklisting helps a little but now my Blacklist box is full, so how do I empty it, and what is the best way of weeding this rubbish out. I am with Spark and my machine is an IMac, brand new

nice_lady, Jan 29, 2:27pm
Your blacklist box ?
What box ?
Where ?

are you using webpage email access ?
Or a program ?

nice_lady, Jan 29, 2:29pm
Ps: to save a lot of repeat of advice why don't you go to the search box on the left, type in 'email blacklist' (without the quote marks) and change the 'date posted' box to 'last month'.

granda1, Jan 29, 2:43pm
nice_lady, tried those no response, all my emails go thru Spark, never had this issue before, when I get a crap email, I can blacklist it, have no idea where it goes, have tried looking but found nothing. Can not believe where all those rubbish is coming from, up to 60 a day, every thing from Bitcoin to lovely ladies

nice_lady, Jan 29, 4:24pm
Spark have issues at the moment in particular with Spam mail. Personally I'm not getting any and that's fine - others are. YOU are.

king1, Jan 29, 4:28pm
time for a new email address I'd say. It's a good idea to have one for family and friends only and another for mailing lists, junk website signups etc a honeypot of sorts

nice_lady, Jan 29, 4:32pm
Good plan

granda1, Jan 29, 6:53pm
Unfortunately to change my addy would be very complex and costly

tasarla, Jan 30, 6:58am
I'm having the same problem with my xtra email and sounds like the same ones coming through that you get. It's about time Spark did something about it. On the Spark "Live Chat" I was advised to access my emails through their webmail rather than Outlook, which I now do, then "blacklist sender" - tried that, but it hasn't stopped them. Then the "Live Chat" person said to forward spam emails to "" - tried that, but got their rejection saying "rejected due to possible spam content"! Obviously Spark won't accept spam emails - but don't care if their customers are bombarded with them every day. Their "Live Chat" person also said Spark were going to have a "spam button" available last Thursday - that hasn't happened. I'm considering quitting my landline, broadband and mobile with Spark.

vtecintegra, Jan 30, 6:59am
Why? Just use a different email service.

Really none of the local providers have the scale to do decent spam filtering

granda1, Jan 30, 4:56pm
Spark now have a filter, or so they say, will see how it goes, a small round icon with a line thru it, seems to be working.

davepro, Jan 31, 10:27am
I moved from Actrix's Cyberfilter (because it's going to terminate this year) to Mailwasher about a week ago. So far, so good - it seems to stop almost all the 10 or so daily SPAM emails that came thru to Cyberfilter.


vtecintegra, Jan 31, 10:34am
You best get started now then - it doesn?

nice_lady, Jan 31, 10:51am
For anyone running windows Mailwasher is damn good - that's why I always reccomend it. And it can run happily in conjunction with any isp provided filters etc.

black-heart, Jan 31, 12:48pm
Whats the deal with mail washer, I set it up for someone, but things it was flagging as bad were sitting in the inbox when outlook was opened.

nice_lady, Feb 10, 8:46pm
Well you need to play around with the settings. It'll delete, bounce, blacklist etc but you need to tell it to do that. It's very powerful.

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