wyndra, Feb 2, 2:23pm
How do you use Favorcon's to put a logo on the desktop shortcut,?.

suicidemonkey, Feb 2, 2:26pm
Do you mean Favicons? A favicon is the icon a website uses that appears in a browser tab or bookmark bar. nothing to do with the desktop.

If you want to change the icon of a desktop shortcut, right-click it > Properties > Shortcut > Change icon.

The above method is for Windows, which I assume you use, because you didn't provide any info.

duncb, Feb 2, 3:31pm
This is how I do it in Windows
Save a shortcut to the desktop
Open the webpage
View the source of the webpage
Find the link to the icon (usually near the top)
Click on the link
Save the icon where you can find it again.
On the webpage shortcut on the desktop - right click properties - Change Icon - Choose the icon that you previously saved

nice_lady, Feb 2, 4:48pm
Looks good. Somehow I doubt the OP will manage that one lol.

suicidemonkey, Feb 9, 5:11am
Perfect example of why vague questions are frustrating. two completely different interpretations = two completely different answers lol

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