Software for casting to chrome cast.

friendly_prawn, Aug 14, 4:04pm
I have music folders, with multiple folders in side those folders. Does anyone know of software that will read and send all folders to Chromecast / tv.
Everything I have tried so far only picks up some folders. Any ideas?

Im thinking of hard wiring my pc to the tv then selecting PC via the AV imput. That would definitely work, but it would mean running a cable through the wall which I'll do if i have too.

Any thoughts on software that might do the trick.

nice_lady, Aug 14, 4:09pm
Not sure it'd do what you want but have you tried :

Videostream for Google Chromecast?

nice_lady, Aug 14, 4:12pm
But you'd still need some program/app to play the folders full of videos - what would you use ? And why can't you use that same program/app thru the chromecast ?

mr-word, Aug 14, 4:14pm

king1, Aug 14, 4:23pm
apparently VLC supports chromecast now so you could just set up a playlist in that

friendly_prawn, Aug 14, 4:25pm
Having my computer showing on the tv screen would allow me to use windows to select the folders I want to play and I could play them using my fav MPC-HC It would be exactly as the same as using my pc. Only it would be on the tv which would allow me to play the music through the surround sound which is what Im trying to achieve.

Casting to the tv I need an app to do that, one that will play the music. I have tried a few other solutions but nothing seems to dig deep enough in to the folders or show all the folders. Example. I hooked a External HDD up to my ASUS modem to use the modem as a media server for my music. Just wouldnt dig deep enough in to the folders. I have tried hooking a external drive to usb port on my tv and surround sounds. Same issue.
Then I tried Plex Media Server from my pc. Same issue.

Each option showed folders to varying degrees. Some better than others. Plex media server would cast to my tv from my pc and did a lot better job of finding folders but it didnt have an option to minimise folders down to list, details, or even small icon options which would have made finding the folders I wanted much easier.

Best option so far is to just throw windows at the tv screen and I can dig as deep as I want in to all the folders, but I cant be assed hard wiring it.

Hmm, thats got me thinkig. Im wondering if I can find a way to cast my computer screen at the tv and go from there. A quick search and I may have found my answer.

"Open Google Chrome on your PC?

nice_lady, Aug 14, 4:25pm
Hmmm. nice wasn't aware of that (got two CC's).

friendly_prawn, Aug 14, 4:26pm
Plex wont give the folder views I want. Thats why I gave up on it. Just couldnt find the options to do what I wanted. I have tried videolan too with out success. As a side note, I know its a personal fav of many but I hate videoLan.

friendly_prawn, Aug 14, 4:30pm
Cheers I had tried it before with out success. As much as I dislike it i might give it another shot now that it supports chromecast.

acura, Aug 14, 4:32pm
Plex does folders fine for me.

friendly_prawn, Aug 14, 4:42pm
Thanks Acura. I had wondered if i had missed an option. I had crawled all over it and gone to their help section but couldnt for the life of me find the option to get folder views like that.

Now I know its possible, I'll go back for another crack at it. Thanks so much. Really appreciated.

friendly_prawn, Aug 14, 4:44pm
Is that the free version you have or the paid for?

selvath, Aug 14, 4:51pm
Does Google music still support uploading your library and then streaming it?

acura, Aug 14, 5:01pm
Note the "go premium" button - free version here.

friendly_prawn, Sep 24, 9:54pm
Ok cool. I obviously just didnt look hard enough. . This should solve my problems. Thanks acura. appreciate the help. And thanks to everyone else for helping out with suggestions. Very kind of you all.

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