Samsung S3 Mini

jenwren26, Feb 6, 9:00am
Mine has suddenly developed a fault, when on a call whether outgoing or incoming, it just goes dead. It ticks over the seconds as if still connected, I can hear the other person but they can't hear me. Is it a common fault, a minor fault that can be fixed or does it sound like a major end to it's life? I've never had a smart phone before this one, it was given to me a year ago and working fine till now. Please excuse if a silly question, I'm not smart phone savvy.

vtecintegra, Feb 6, 9:06am
It isn't worth trying to fix - it was a cheaper phone that is five years old now.

mcleanj1, Feb 6, 6:10am
Funny that - as my Galaxy 3 just started doing the same thing about 3 weeks ago and had to restart it each time which was annoying as the other person would be ringing back and then go to my answerphone, mine is 3 years old now and am deciding whether to upgrade

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