Phone help please (won't connect and use data)

huca1, Aug 24, 1:13pm
I've been given and old Essential phone (ph1) which was bought in the States.
I'm trying to use it on Warehouse mobile.

I can connect to wifi at home and when out and about on free public wifi e.g. Welly wifi, cbdfree, New World but I can't use any data on the phone.

Does anyone have any idea why not and what I can do about it?


gyrogearloose, Aug 24, 2:22pm
Have you looked at their 'Help and Support' section? Specifically the APN settings?

suicidemonkey, Sep 18, 7:16pm
Can you make calls or texts on the phone?

If not, it's possible the phone is network locked, or it doesn't support the frequencies required by Warehouse Mobile.

If you can make calls/texts but can't receive data, it's probably the APN settings as mentioned above.

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