Help please

napoleon49, Dec 24, 4:55pm
Hi I have been trying to download cccleaner through google every one I try gets half way and wont down load any further can some one tell me what I am doing wrong thank you

event_horizon_1, Dec 24, 5:05pm
scroll down and select in the download from section for the free version.

napoleon49, Dec 24, 5:10pm
Thank you event_horizon
tried that it gets halfway and then wont go any further

event_horizon_1, Dec 24, 5:14pm
Downloads fine for me. Try the download location otherwise check your Anti-virus is not blocking the download.

nice_lady, Dec 24, 5:22pm
There is no such program.

lythande1, Dec 24, 5:37pm
Wouldn't go filehippo. also install it in CUSTOM mode, otherwise it will install unwanted addons.

Clear cache etc from your browser and have another go.

suicidemonkey, Dec 24, 5:44pm
We all know what they mean.

karl.nic, Dec 24, 6:55pm
What do you expect from a person who has had an account for over 13 yrs but only uses it for messaging.

snoopy221, Dec 24, 7:01pm
mmkay -! unnecessary crap!


Also if you can - post us some screen shots of that startup list .

Heres most of mine:

See, i'm on the 'startup' tab
Look how many are disabled. Unnecessary crap.
You can disable stuff by RIGHT click one time on them - you'll get a menu.

Once you've weeded out most of the rubbish restart the computer 'properly'.

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nice_lady (0 ) 11:08 am, Sun 24 Dec #10

nice_lady, Dec 24, 9:18pm
I dunno what you are trying to say.

suicidemonkey, Dec 25, 12:17am
If you're referring to nice_lady, she offers a lot of valuable advice and help on this message board.

harrymay, Dec 26, 12:13am
Go to
C:\Users\*your user name*\ and reveal hidden folders
'Appdata' should appear

Clean out these folders but DON'T force delete any files just delete the ones that deleted easily



\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles (there should be a folder with a gobbledy gook name - if you're running Chrome or some other browser Google up their cache folders or how to empty them using those browsers settings menus - iNetCache (above) is the cache folder for Internet Explorer

If that doesn't work reboot and keeping hitting F8 to get an auxilary menu then select 'Safe Mode' - delete the files from Safe Mode

Oh! if the Safe Mode thing is too much of headache, before trying to delete or downloading anything else download and run RKill which targets malware targeting antivirus and cleaning software

hakatere1, Dec 26, 7:52am
Maybe the rest of us know her just a bit better than the you mate.

vtecintegra, Mar 12, 8:40am
Don't - it's simply not necessary

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