serf407, Jun 7, 6:52pm
Damaged helicopter loaded onto trailer after drone mid-air collision during 2018 Baja 500. Pilot's re-enactment of helicopter's response is notable.

emmerson1, Jun 9, 4:17pm
Also - Not higher than 400 feet and not within 4 km of any airport.

kingfisher21, Jun 14, 12:05am
Read the comments, that video is a load of crap, the pilot hit a tree.

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 6:55am
Without the appropriate certification

mss2006, Jun 14, 2:23pm
Check out 'High on Android' on YouTube. He has some good mavric footage of whales way way of shore of California. Most impressed.

bissy4, Jul 2, 4:24pm
Hi looking at purchasing a drone for our farm, checking stock, paddocks etc so far it's between the DJI Mavic pro and a DJI phantom 4, need advice which would be the best thanks

nice_lady, Jul 2, 4:34pm
Well you need to look at operating range for a start.

flopsie, Jul 2, 4:35pm
I wouldn't like to be travelling with any of the phantoms but if its strictly for the farm get it.over the Mavic. That Mavic looks too low to be landing anywhere the slightest bit rough.

mrfxit, Jul 2, 4:57pm
#1 Total running time
#2 Durability (especially with a rough landing)
#3 Availability of spare parts.
#4 Is battery onboard or clip on.

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 5:57pm
- All of the DJI range has removable batteries
- Both the Mavic and P4 have around 26-28 mins flight time.
- Spare parts are readily available for both.
- P4 is probably better for a rough landing as it has long landing legs (this also makes the P4 easier to take off and land in the grass)
- Both have around a 5km quoted range, but expect closer to 1km in most circumstances (and it's illegal to fly outside line of sight anyway).

The main differences are size really.

black-heart, Jul 2, 6:26pm
I don't think the legality will be much of an issue for someone flying around their own property.

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 6:30pm
Regardless of where you're flying, it's illegal to fly outside of line of sight.

CAA Part 101 rules always apply.

black-heart, Jul 2, 6:33pm
regardless nobodies there to enforce them.

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 6:35pm
Ok good chat, back on topic.

bissy4, Jul 2, 8:07pm
I like hat the mavic can fold away nice and easy, are the cameras the same?

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 8:15pm
P4 has a wider field of view than the Mavic (79 vs 94 degrees).

Otherwise pretty similar.


mrfxit, Jul 2, 8:56pm
Good info.
I would suspect quoted range would be at not much more then minimal flight idling & 1m off the ground on a calm day.

5425, Jul 3, 3:07pm
I have a Phantom 3 standard app.$1k .It has been used on the mates farm many times for checking gates , paddocks and filming stock eg calving . The ear tags are readable but the noise scares the cows. The Phantom 4 has an avoidance system which will allow the drone to fly around trees , building etc. when in RTH. return to home. Depending on the Phone quality you can send live Video to others , if eg. a cow looks in difficulty.

bissy4, Jul 3, 6:21pm
Just brought the mavic pro hopefully will work out

kinger7, Nov 7, 6:03am
If your going with DJI get Litchi . A lot better then the GO ap

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