Windows 10 Second Monitor Not Detected

epal, May 1, 2:14pm
Shall appreciate a solution please!

acura, May 1, 2:16pm
I assume you rebooted the PC?

black-heart, May 1, 2:37pm
turn it on.

emmerson1, May 1, 8:52pm
What kind of computer and what kind of port is it plugged into?

On a guess (because I've done the same recently), i will assume you have tried to plug a monitor into a free displayport socket with an adaptor cable and it hasnt worked? If this is the case, youmight need an Active adaptor.

spyware, May 1, 8:55pm
Maybe provide the odd detail.

duncb, May 2, 1:56am
Is it a desktop? Which port is the working one plugged into. Which port is the non working one plugged into. Choices are HDMI , DisplayPort, DVI , VGA.

epal, May 4, 2:33pm
Many thanks everyone! I have been away~
acura - yes, rebooted
emerson1 I have adapter ADPDYN1010 Dynamix C-DPAC-HDMI, DisplayPort to HDMI Active Cable Converter
. doesn't look right, eh!

spyware, May 4, 2:41pm
Spoon feeding us, I like it.

emmerson1, May 5, 2:04pm
Oh well, that's my best suggestion busted. Maybe, like the others say, more details.
- Computer
- Graphics hardware
- OS
- Existing monitor

epal, Jun 12, 11:15am
Finally, I have found the solution for creating dual screens in Windows 10, by pressing Win key and P ! It works :)

king1, Jun 12, 12:56pm
several posts have asked for more details above.

You could have started with "i've plugged it in, now how do i turn it on?"
or even "i've plugged it in, but nothing happens!"

might have saved yourself 6 weeks without it.

nice_lady, Nov 8, 8:00pm
Hmmm ? Wait longer than 10 seconds ?

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