free guitar hero, linux, using your keyboard lol

seriouslycgi, Jul 20, 3:46pm
Free guitar hero, linux, using your keyboard lol sounds kewl lol who needs an xbox?

deodar, Jul 20, 4:26pm
Are you serious Ciggy? I have 7 real time Guitars & as many
big time amplifiers,my lounge is full
of speakerboxes,& the "computer room"
has more recording hardware than the
other processors.You think a shitbox
sounds cool?

seriouslycgi, Jul 20, 5:04pm
Dude this is free! cant highscore your friends with a real guitar, i dont game lol just thought someone would like it (windows, linux, and mac). my computer is too crappy to even run it.

icioufa, Jul 20, 7:15pm
Loli wont be giving up my day job & start busking,must have something to do with being tone deaf/blind & uncoordinated ...oh thats The who's pinball

deodar, Jul 20, 7:19pm
Hey I've heard the songs Some are becoming hits (again).

icioufa, Jul 20, 7:25pm
Ah but The song remains the same...

icioufa, Jul 20, 7:32pm
Shake rattle & roll anyone else feel the earth move from under your feet (earth quake just now)central north island ...

puddleduck00, Jul 21, 7:13am
Lol ...I'm a loser, i have a real guitar...real guitars are for tryhards.

oclaf, Jul 21, 10:09am
I honestly cant get my head around it How can games like guitar hero and singstar actually be fun?? ohh look at me im a super rock star ohh i hit the red button on my plastic supa rocky geetar in time to flashes on my putar screen. ohh so ub3r l33t i r. sorry its been a bad day.

seriouslycgi, Jul 21, 10:18am
They are just adaptions on the dance games you see in arcades timing and performance for anyone watching. ive never even tried these types of games i have terrible coodination.

puddleduck00, Jul 21, 10:19am
are you olafs brother?

metalfreak1, Jul 21, 10:51am
I found that fun played guitar hero the other day, takes a bit of getting used too, but with a group of people it's quite fun. not bad for a 34mb installer! - Link to parent site.

traceedwards, Jul 21, 10:59am
Found FoF a few weeks ago. Plenty of songs & tutorials here As for the knockers Its a freeking game

traceedwards, Jul 21, 11:04am
Singstar clone - Ultrastar Deluxe

mattie47, Jul 21, 12:19pm
FoF is pretty fun :-) Got about 100 songs for it and its fun for a laugh sometimes. Sure Real guitar is far better but FoF is still pretty cool.

puddleduck00, Jul 21, 12:27pm
I win

seriouslycgi, Jul 21, 1:36pm win :\ ...

puddleduck00, Jul 22, 1:54am
But really...who needs an xbox when a) you can download freeware apps, and you don't need an xbox live subscription to download new songs....and b) a real guitar is probably cheaper.

vicvic, Jul 22, 9:43am
Don't compare it with real guitars it's a game. I've been playing drums for 2-3 years, I learned by playing the drummania game in the arcade and I still play both today. They both have different purposes so stop thinking one is better than the other.

puddleduck00, Jul 22, 12:24pm
Ahh it's a joke

puddleduck00, Jul 22, 12:25pm
Love the epsiode of south park with guitar's gold

intrade, Jul 22, 4:23pm
Kano made a plugin module for linux kanotix ages ago for both the guitar hero and the xbox guitar thing i think .

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