Skype to go access number.

Skype to go access number. Does anyone know what this is please?
I'm trying to figure out what sort of charge the local carriers will make for the call, ie, whether it's a toll call or could potentially be a local free-calling number.

geek_kyc1, Jul 23, 3:37 pm

Googling your heading gives me this link: In it it states: Your carrier will charge you a standard fee to call your Skype To Go number (if you’re calling from your cell phone, the call may be free as part of your inclusive minutes). I should imagine your STGN will be a NZ number and presumably within your local area.

geek_badcam, Jul 23, 6:46 pm

Tks, but I'd rather not presume before paying the subscription, and I can't find any list of numbers or area codes on the skype site :)

geek_kyc1, Jul 23, 8:26 pm

Ask them. Find their email addy or use the Help/Contact Customer Support option on Skype.

geek_badcam, Jul 23, 8:40 pm