iPhone - 1st gen vs 2nd gen

ken.munro, Jul 23, 2:36am
IPhone - 1st gen vs 2nd gen I

morrisman1, Jul 23, 5:35am
They wont advertise plans for the first gen phones as they arent meant to be here anyway. if you dont need 3G and gps then just get a first gen one and put the version 2.0 software on it. a mate has a first gen with 2.0 on it and he had to unlock it once but now that vodafone NZ is a recognised network on the software, he wont have to unlock it again. the plans with the 3G ones suck big time and are a major put-off for anyone apart from small businesses. $1000 for 8gb on prepay is also a ripoff

charles.j, Jul 23, 5:43am
Why would you get one? with the prices of the phone and the plan its a lot of $$$ for so little..

morrisman1, Jul 23, 5:53am
But the potential of the phone is so huge with the applications being developed. you might not need those but to those who do, this phone will be the best thing since sliced bread. beats carrying around a laptop for sure!

charles.j, Jul 23, 6:03am
Its an apple.. They're restricting the apps completlety. Although a new hack is out for it, something like "pwned 2.01". However $250 a month for a plan? not too good. and the price of it isnt too flash either. with that amount of cost per year. you'd get a nice desktop or laptop.

morrisman1, Jul 23, 6:24am
Why would you get the $250 per month plan?? anyway thats vodafones pricing so dont bash the iphone for them. if they made it completely open then it would just end up with heaps of crappy and useless apps. i like how they have monitored apps in the app store because it improves the quality of what you can get there. not just because they are filtering out the crappy ones but also because it will make companies work harder to have access to the app store and thus improving their apps. if you want to install every amateur programmers applications then just jailbreak it (very easy).

spj2, Jul 23, 7:30am
Vodafone removed the $250 plan anyway. You can no longer sign up to it.

ken.munro, Jul 23, 8:03am
TaThanks everybody. 1st gen it is then

osymandias, Jul 23, 10:33am
BTW, charlesjyou can jail break your iPhoneDo not support Vodathiev, get a 1st gen. Although, annoyingly, vodafone's greed has pushed prices up on TM. You could pick up a first gen for about $400, now it's 550-650.

charles.j, Jul 23, 10:34am
yes i know how the break works. i know people who use it. but at the end of the day.. its a mac lol

tammy19, Jul 24, 3:32am
Nokia symbian has way more applications being develop than an iphone

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