How do I import a pdf into Word?

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:23am
How do I import a pdf into Word? I have a form in .pdf and want to enter text into the various fields and print out the form. I have Word 2008 for Mac and Adobe Reader but not Adobe Acrobat. How can I import the .pdf document into Word? I've looked in Word Help and googled the problem but still can't find out how to do it

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:35am
I downloaded a program called PDF2Office (as a free 30 day trial) and it created my form as ,pdf.doc, but I'm not able to type in any of the fields so it's no use at all.

madazu, Jul 19, 2:36am
You can&0;t import a pdf file into Word but you can into OpenOffice, which might be the fastest way to solve this problem, just download and install the Mac version of OO . A word of warning though some pdf files are &0;protected&0; i.e. even if you can open them for editing sometimes they are still locked by the original owner.

madazu, Jul 19, 2:39am
The other way to skin the cat that I can think of is to OCR scan a hard copy of the file, then in theory you should (after fixing the formatting) be able to edit the file.

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:40am
I seem to remember someone describing a method whereby you can somehow type your data into something that is spaced to fit the pdf form and then put the form through the printer followed by the properly spaced data so that the form is printed with the data correctly in each field. Does this ring any bells with anyone?

domiqe1, Jul 19, 2:42am
Going from pdf to word is a real battle and as far as im aware adobe has configured it not to work like that, the pdf, i have tried b4 and can never get a full transfer even using acrobat pro 9

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:42am
Re Yes, I've recently acquired Readiris in order to scan to OCR but haven't learnt to use it yet. That may well be the best option. Are you sure a pdf can't be imported into Word?

domiqe1, Jul 19, 2:43am
If u import in as an image into word then send it to the back, u will be able to insert text boxes over the required fields and type in ur text

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:45am
Gee, domiqe1 that's not very good. I was regretting not having Acrobat but it looks as if it wouldn't solve the problem anyway.

wakari06, Jul 19, 2:46am
Not sure about Mac but if you have access to a PC, Foxit Reader 2.3 has a typewriter function that allows you to add text to a pdf and then print it.

domiqe1, Jul 19, 2:47am
If you have acrobat pro you can import pdf into word but the layout of the pdf doesnt carry over, all you get is text, so then you have to create all the layout

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:48am
Domiqe1 - I am very new to Word -could you please guide me through this process? (the process of *if u import in as an image into word then send it to the back*). Thank you.

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 2:50am
Re I downloaded FoxitReader and was able to enter my data in the fields but then I couldn't save or print the document without paying US$9.99!

r.g.nixon, Jul 19, 3:01am
Foxit if you can't save or print, just print it to a PDF using 'PDF Creator' or other virtual PDF printer.

madazu, Jul 19, 3:04am
Lol this is why I didn&0;t recommend foxit the reader is great, a small and fast app that leaves adobe acrobat stumbling in its wake but the editor office doesn&0;t and its worth a try.

r.g.nixon, Jul 19, 3:08am
OpenOffice only version 3.0 imports PDF, and then only if you get the PDF import extension. Have not got it working myself, but will try the new beta 2 (must have been something faulty with my beta 1 or dev version).

domiqe1, Jul 19, 3:10am
Arthurdent2, from adobe reader go to print and choose "MS Document imaging" as device, then print it will ask u for a file name and will same as an tif image, u then can insert the image into word. once inserted then resize to full page, right click on the image and choose "Format Picture" click "layout tab" and then put a dot in "behind text" now u should be able to insert text boxes on top of ur image

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 3:17am
Thank you, domiqe1 I will try that now.

domiqe1, Jul 19, 3:22am
I know its a messy way to try and do it, but theres not alot of options goin from pdf to word successfully

is the pdf form from a website i can look at or download?

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 3:35am
Domiqe1 - I really just want to be able to do this with lots of forms because I can't easily fill them in by hand, due to a disability. I've been printing out forms, typing in the data on an old manual typewriter and then scanning that to a file on my computer. All a bit of a drag, really. The form I want to fill today is this one,

domiqe1, Jul 19, 3:41am
I have just downloaded latest foxit reader and tried the typewriter from tools menu, this allows you to type in where ever you like and then you can print the form out with the fields filled in, i have just tried it and it works
just print 2 copies so you can keep a copy your self
if you save the altered document then foxit will add watermarks

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 3:51am
Ah ha! I will try that. I didn't choose typewriter from the tools menu when I used FoxitReader before.

arthurdent2, Jul 19, 4:55am
Very strange- I couldn't find the Mac OS version of FoxitReader to download -I'm sure I found it yesterday...weird! Anyway, I've downloaded a trial version of PDFpen and it was fantastic! I've edited my form and printed it out. Prints with a *Smile on my Mac* watermark, but who cares! This is going to be just SO useful. Thanks for all your help, domiqe1 -much appreciated and I'm going to try for Foxit anyway as there is a free permanent version if you subscribe to snapfish, which I have just done. You get prints for 19c each, which seems a good price.

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