changing cartridge in printer....

antsbabe, Jul 23, 8:14am
Changing cartridge in printerI have an Epson stylus C40 series printer and I know where the ink cartridges are but I just dont know how to make it easier to get them out? Any help will be good

nzmu, Jul 23, 8:27am
Control panel.printersright click the printer and select preferences. Click on maintenace and then select ink replacement. Step by step pictured instructions.

antsbabe, Jul 24, 4:15am
tried that but the only thing that comes up is printing preferences and a few other things but nothing with just preferences, its so frustrating, lol

pcgeek, Jul 24, 4:18am
I think the C40 model the ink cartridges push downwards then remove. put new one in downward position and click into position in an upwards motion.

pcmaster, Jul 24, 4:29am

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