wowsers!! My fastest ever torrent!! 770kbps

flewy, Jul 23, 8:17am
Wowsers!! My fastest ever torrent!! 770kbps I dont even get those speeds of any server normaly Just thort i'd share that bid of totaly boring crap with ya'll.

deviant.s, Jul 23, 8:18am
Was the main uploader jap? lol. always is

flewy, Jul 23, 8:20am
Not sure didnt really take notice of the seeders tho there was a lot, the best one i was getting 110kbps from.

pixma, Jul 23, 8:21am
Most I have ever had for a torrent was around 550kbps, that was with around 300 seeders lol

flewy, Jul 23, 8:24am
Seeders dont mean crap its all bout the speed, get a torrent of mininova they all got seeding set to 1kbps LOL

b0b622, Jul 23, 8:26am
On torrentleech I average between 800kbps to 1200kbps. I love cable

osymandias, Jul 23, 10:48am
Hmmmon a well seeded torrent I can usually pull about 2Mbits, are you sure your settings are good? Too often people have too many slots open (within each torrent) and with asymmetric bb (128k up) your connections time out, slowing you down because other peers ignore you. Then you have lots of peers and slow speeds.

flewy, Jul 23, 10:49am
Hmmm not everyone is on CABLE!!!

osymandias, Jul 23, 10:56am
I don't I'm on Vodascum128k up

flewy, Jul 23, 11:02am
Ohhhhh LOL 2Mbits LOL thats only 250kbps!

osymandias, Jul 23, 11:08am
Errr 2048...

osymandias, Jul 23, 11:09am
2Mbps =2048kbps=256kBps.

flewy, Jul 23, 11:12am
Soz B 770kBps

osymandias, Jul 23, 11:12am
On a torrent with 80 seeders and 2 peers, 800kBps or 6.4Mbps should be pretty normal.

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