Download a part of a torrent, one file only

vicvic, Jul 23, 4:43am
Download a part of a torrent, one file only I know how to select which files I want in a torrent, but is it possible to download just a certain section of just 1 file? I noticed in the 'pieces' bar in Vuze that the 2nd half is done but the first half isn't even though it's just one file.

dalzone, Jul 23, 4:49am
I would say no.. i use utorrent so i may be blowing smoke...

paddaricko, Jul 23, 5:08am
Yeah in utorrent you can. Never heard of vuze.

soodanim, Jul 23, 5:11am
You can if there are seperate on the file tab and highlight the files you don't want and choose "don't download"

soodanim, Jul 23, 5:13am
Doh...that's for utorrentdon't know about Vuse either.

sighkick, Jul 23, 6:54am
Simple answer NO You can download a single complete file from a bunch of files but you cannot selectively download one of the pieces of that file. Just put that file on priority and hope like hell someone is there to SEED. AS an aside, I have 99.1% of a 4.36Gb file that has been waiting for a reseed for 8 monthsit can be done, but patience is the name of the game.

pixma, Jul 23, 7:42am
Well; that'll teach you for downloading pirated (prob) software ;)

vicvic, Jul 28, 11:18pm
You can or you can't in utorrent? I'm talking about SOME of ONE file, not ALL of one file. Azureus = Vuze

traceedwards, Jul 28, 11:58pm
Why would you want part of 1 file?

sighkick, Jul 29, 12:55am
Vicvic - as stated earlierNO You can NOT collect just part of a partially downloaded file. If, for example, you download a complete SEASON of TV episodes which contains say 6 episodes, you can download any one of those episodes but NOT part of a single episode. I don't know how clearer I can be! A partial download will not work without all the bits. If you wish to complete a partial download, you have to find someone to reseed that exact series of files.

sighkick, Jul 29, 12:57am
P.s. Azureus = Sux &1;Torrent is the best and most efficient bittorrent client out there. Experts agree. Azureus is bloatware Java heavy on system resources.

seriouslycgi, Jul 29, 1:29am
What experts? there are platforms other than windows. rtorrent uses 0.3% cpu and 7.9% ram (1333mhz x 256MBddr) on debian.

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