aDSL2+ Rollout.

acura, Jul 23, 7:18am
ADSL2+ Rollout. A web site to keep an eye out once in a while to see which exchange have been updated. My was updated 4 months ago and never knew - i though my downloads were going pretty well lol - just didn't think i was pass adsl1 speeds.

derekguy, Jul 23, 9:16am
Niiiiice 99% of the exchanges have been done according to the .pdf, does this include every exchange in NZ? It seems like a short list if it isHmm haven't noticed much of a speed increase though. Do you need to reconfigure your modem/router?

duran97, Jul 23, 10:05am
ADSL2 If the exchange is ADSL2 enabled, that's not going to increase your speed by itself. You'll need a router/modem that supports ADSL2, and account support ADSL2 with an ISP.

julieandcasper, Jul 23, 11:10am
Derek, No, that would be 99 percent of the planned ones they mention in three cities. The rest of NZ is out of luck for a few years at least.

pcfix4u, Jul 23, 11:50am
Cheers heaps for that acura. There are some areas out west that still havent got broadband and some areas told the lines cant take any more customers. Wish I had a magic wand.

karrie3, Jul 24, 6:57am
ADSL2 installation schedules This reply may be a bit late, but you may like to check out , increasing speed-cabinet installation , spreadsheet with full schedule of next 3 years cabinet upgrades :-)

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