XNET ADSL - Dynalink or Linksys?

trdbzr, Jul 24, 4:27am
XNET ADSL - Dynalink or Linksys? Thinking on going with xnet for just broadband internet. Have 1 desktop pc and 1 laptop with wifi and just want to know which will be a better modem/router. Dynalink RTA1205W or Linksys WAG200G? Also will there be much difference in speed from either of these and will there be a noticeable difference in speed if I go wireless as opposed to wired? Iam 460m from my local exchange point.

peg228, Jul 24, 5:15am
I'd suggestThe Linksys WAG54GP2v2 Xnet's strength at the moment is it's fusion VOIP service, and that wireless router / phone adapter combo will allow you to have it all.

spukeyfly, Jul 24, 5:33am
Avoid the WAG200G I own one. Nice settings, but constantly disconnects ADSL!

m4mats, Jul 24, 6:24am
Re 3 i agree

mikynz, Jul 24, 8:23am
Heating problem on WAG54GP2v2 does anyone else have the same problem?

trdbzr, Jul 24, 8:36am
Umm have you tried upgrading the firmware? that usually irons out all the problems. Im just double minded right now because some reviews for the linksys is that its good and some say its bad and same with the dynalink review. Any more views?

smac, Jul 24, 7:49pm
Well, I use DSE one No issues what so ever.

pawlovers, Jul 24, 8:06pm
Looking at both exact modems to buy! I'll bookmark this.

badcam, Jul 25, 1:33am
I have an RTA1046WV which is the same as the RTA1205W but with two built in ATA's. It's a fantastic modem and I have it connected to Xnet's naked DSL plan ,but the VOIP is not through them, but through Slingshot, as they would only allow me to connect to their VOIP service if I had a Linksys ATA. They kindly gave me a $10 discount which I use to pay for Slingshot's VOIP service, but they don't do this anymore. My point is that you should go for a Linksys if you wish to take advantage of Xnet's fusion plan. I haven't checked recently, but I think they are still insisting on Linksys ATA's only on their VOIP service. They did say it would change, but that's probably a while off.

trdbzr, Jul 25, 4:12am
Any other recommendations? im only going with them for their broadband only.

rozendaal, Jul 25, 8:28am
Dynalink I'm having real trouble with my Dynalink 1025w; poor range and won't connect to my Linksys usb wireless. It was supplied by Slingshot and now I find my mates say Linksys is the way to go.

titivator, Jul 25, 8:38am
Linksys wireless routers.. install problems they are a mission to install .. if anyone says its easy as plug and play .. yeah rite!!! took me three nights.. lots of searching.. and even then I dont know how i did it!.. and i havent even figured out how to secure it .. as cant even get into the settings!! So beware of installation issues.. ..

badcam, Jul 25, 8:38am
10. Why not go the whole hog? You're sticking with Telecom for your phone?

shrapz, Jul 25, 8:55am
Get a linksys xnet seems to be in bed with linksys so more support for them. And from what i understand they only support linksys routers for their voip service.

pcfix4u, Jul 25, 9:02am
3com ADSL+2 WITH WIRELESS easy install for broadband, wireless, easy to secure wireless. rock solid. good price.

intrade, Jul 25, 6:49pm
3com us robotics are the best followd by some linksys models best to get a router modem 2 in one thing..not just a router or a single port modem.

spukeyfly, Jul 25, 11:48pm
Re # 6 I upgraded firmware, was worse, read another forum suggesting dowmgrade better, so downgraded to lesser version then originally came with, is better, but still disconnects!!! Avoid the WAG200G. Other Linksys models may be OK though.

acura, Jul 26, 12:00am
My old 3com passed away after few long years :( I currently trying out a TP-link all in one adsl wireless router. So far cannot fault iti connected to an adsl2+ exchange and the modem is picking that up no probs. For a modem that cost less than $100 i'm quite impressed so far.

trdbzr, Jul 26, 1:58am
Uhmm anymore recommendations? Im just really double minded because some people are saying Linksys is good and some say its bad and the same for the dynalink. Is there a 'perfect' adsl modem/router one out there???

trdbzr, Jul 26, 2:03am
Also i have a budget of something under $150. I wont really mind going with a wired one either since I will only be using it on 1 computer at a time.

badcam, Jul 26, 3:56am
If oyu're with Xnet. Go for a Linksys and get one with the ATA built in. Get one that's ADSL2+ and has annex M.

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