Wellington ADSL2+

Wellington ADSL2+ Turns out I have been ADSL2+ for at least a month now, probably longer. I have a 18000 - 700 sync rate which isn't good but isn't too bad. However that sync rate is hardly reflected in browsing speed or even downloading. I've been getting consistent and decent speeds for my file transfers but if this is the future I want fibre.

geek_derekguy, Jul 25, 8:34 am


geek_boarder28, Jul 25, 3:30 pm

does you provider support that speed?

geek_acura, Jul 25, 3:40 pm

.Some providers limit everyone to adsl1 speeds regardless of if your on a adsl2+ exchange. Xnet is one of them. Also do you have fs/fs or fs/128 as you wont get much over 6mb with fs/128 because of tcp overheads.

geek_shrapz, Jul 25, 4:05 pm