FraudTool-CV...a pc in our house has this but

geek_olack, Jul 28, 5:24 am
FraudTool-CV...a pc in our house has this but ...I can't find it using search not even googleAvast found it...ding...go have a look at other good ideas?

geek_olack, Jul 28, 5:27 am
This is the 2nd boot scan with AvastAvast found icon.icon and trojan_gens adaware on the first scan...what am I in for do you it is not my pc...I know the guy uses key cracked games...but, I dunno...

geek_babcorp, Jul 28, 5:37 am
Just try googling fraudtool without the -cv bit. heaps came up.

geek_babcorp, Jul 28, 5:40 am
Here's a bit of info on it.

geek_olack, Jul 28, 7:03 am
Ok, thank you, I did ask at also...because of other stuff as does not look good...yet.

geek_olack, Jul 28, 7:08 am
Oh yeah, plenty now, thanks...

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