iPhone 3G (2nd generation); what does it need?

IPhone 3G (2nd generation); what does it need? Things need to change to make people buy these things, because I know there are a lot of people who would buy these fancydangled contraptions, just there is something that is in their way. What realistic changes should Apple make to these things for them to fly off the shelves and into the hands of the humble Kiwi?

geek_kickpac5, Jul 27, 5:21 pm

Iphone make the plans more affordable

geek_d_exponent, Jul 27, 5:23 pm

Easier access to install apps, yes, I know apple did do the whole 'SDK' kit thing but I haven't seen any good apps on the net that are EASY to install. your end user is not smart enough to use the SDK and who wants do. providers should also come up with BETTER plans,I mean $250 a ^%$ month is sh!t

geek_pixma, Jul 27, 5:25 pm

Here is my list for software only improvements as software changes are most easily implemented, here are a few that should be made: video calling, mms messaging, limitless (and free) sdk, landscape keypad, improve file format support; make office files editable, also make the landscape mode work both tilted left and right, another thing would be to let the google mapping program work without the use of a network connection.

geek_kickpac5, Jul 27, 5:35 pm

and to think my Chinese knockoff does all that and more ;)...bless the Chinese lol

geek_pixma, Jul 27, 5:37 pm

And for hardware improvements some dual cameras could be nice for video calling, somehow create a more tactile response, give the thing A2DP so that you can use the bluetooth properly.

geek_kickpac5, Jul 27, 5:40 pm

My wish list Landscape keypad in all apps that use text input (esp notepad and email!!), Office document editing, bluetooth transfer of files, allow any MP3 to be set as a ringtone, allow the "home" button to be used as the camera shutter. Other than that, I'm pretty impressed.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jul 27, 6:13 pm

better camera with zoom. also fm radio would be good

geek_kitty251, Jul 27, 9:27 pm

They are flying off the shelves, in countries where the carrier doesn't charge rip-off prices for handsets or exorbitant prices for crap plans. In US, they are stock shortages in most stores, for example.

geek_osymandias, Jul 27, 9:58 pm

Vodafone say that all phones are expensive here so they charge just a little bit more because they can. with the iphone i think it needs some sort of document program to write .rtf files; bluetooth file exchange; file storage which is accessible to the phone (ie. dump a word document or image on the memory over wifi from your computer or over bluetooth from another phone and be able to open it using one of the apps on the iphone. mms needs to be implicated, email is much cheaper but not everyone will use it. im not fussed about a front facing camera, i dont see the need to see someone while i talk to them

geek_morrisman1, Jul 27, 10:07 pm

I've got one :D and bloody happy with it :D

geek_baker-assoc, Jul 28, 7:45 am