does anyone use a tp-link adsl2

bequik, Jul 27, 8:00am
Does anyone use a tp-link adsl2 is the reset button suppose to restart it again right from the beginning so I can begin setup from scratch

b.j.nichols, Jul 27, 8:42am
It should take it backto factory settings.

bequik, Jul 27, 8:55am
Thanks the reset button must be faulty

b.j.nichols, Jul 27, 8:59am
Probably not...they usually have a way to make the reset happen ie; keep the power on and hold the button in for 20 secs or turn the power off and hold the button in or while turned off hold the button in and turn the power back on while holding the button in. Best to consult the manual to find the method.

bequik, Jul 27, 9:05am
Thanks for your help bj I will try that.

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