Considering changing from Xtra to Telstraclear...

Considering changing from Xtra to Telstraclearis the broadband really more efficient?

geek_fairness, Jul 29, 3:16 am

Ask Telstraclear and see what their responce is :) Then goto Telecom and ask the same. :)

geek_1clickaway, Jul 29, 3:17 am

Umm...that's why I'm asking here

geek_fairness, Jul 29, 3:19 am

Broadband Is efficient as anywhere in NZ; Just the cost varies; :)

geek_1clickaway, Jul 29, 3:24 am

Let me explain..just had an offer of 6 months free broadband from telstra and lower call rates. After the 6 months the cost will still be very competitive. Just wondering if the change is worth it...

geek_fairness, Jul 29, 3:24 am

Just saw your post at 1clickaway (cool username by the way) So all the broadband services are pretty much the same?

geek_fairness, Jul 29, 3:26 am

Traps Just be AWARE; (we need more wares in this country) anyhooo be aware of the HIDDEN costs; While one company MAY offer FREE stuff; In the other end; You end up paying for more than the company you just left; Shop around; ASK the company questions; (They say they like questions - just not giving out the REAL answers.) I'm just 1 Click Away; :D (Woop Woop)

geek_1clickaway, Jul 29, 3:30 am

Thanks so much for your help :) Will certainly take my time and find out as much info as possible. Cheers 1clickaway :)

geek_fairness, Jul 29, 3:34 am

Clear is the same beast as Telecom They are trying to lock up you in a contract and this is getting worse on Clear side.
Last year I could change services on biz phone line for free and now I've been told I need to pay ridiculous 30 bucks for the service cancellation or change (of course if you get more services it is free!). Recently I moved my house and the phone line (booked prior, previously connected and an old phone number and address provided) been connected 10 days later only after I told them I do not need their service. There was a mark up with the address in the Telecom database and Clear's request been rejected, but nobody from Clear bothered to inform me about it. They provided another request, and another totaling four! instead sorting out this matter once and forever.

geek_andp1, Jul 29, 4:20 am

Continued Last year it took 17 days to get a phone number from Clear and connection on previously working line, no kidding.
Last year I could not move my company mobile number to myself. Somebody told me that at that time their billing system upgrade went belly up, that does not surprise me anymore
As for the Internet I would try Xnet

geek_andp1, Jul 29, 4:21 am

Oh no andp1, what a hassle! This is exactly why I posted hear all sides of the story.

geek_fairness, Jul 29, 4:42 am

Hi fairness I was wondering where you got that offer from - was it from a door to door salesperson? Do you have anymore details?

geek_agent86a, Jul 30, 12:41 am

They phoned me agent86a (from a call center?) Still haven't made up my mind...which details were you interested in?

geek_fairness, Jul 31, 4:32 am

Telecom to Telstra I made the change about 4 months back and so far have no issues with Clear. Got knobbled with dial up speed on broadband for two days with xtra and swore never again. I did have some funny stuff with the overlapping billing as the change over went through but that worked itself out in time. Now have telecom land line and telstra bb.
Honestly say the cost hasnt changed but the plan Telstra offer suits me much better

geek_ruki1, Jul 31, 12:09 pm