ADSL Light keeps flicking off

ADSL Light keeps flicking off Then I have to restart all the plugs again. Happening every 15mins or so. My modem is D-Link.

geek_tlzee, Mar 13, 7:34 am

Have you got filters on all the phone lines (phones, fax, sky digital)?

geek_rhys.m, Mar 13, 7:43 am

Who you with?

geek_70schild, Mar 13, 8:24 am

I have filters on everything I'm with telecom. I did just shift it a little and it seems to be staying on longer.

geek_tlzee, Mar 13, 8:54 am

Your not using a phone extention at all are you? that was my problem

geek_micky_1, Mar 13, 9:20 am

A friend of mine had this happen and it would happen every few months, and would not come back on, all filters etc were used on every phone, but the internet would not work, it seemed that the cable was faulty, so i replaced the cable to the adsl router to the wall, and it worked fine

geek_nzoomed, Mar 13, 9:35 am

You can get faulty filters as well and that will cause problems. May pay to try another.

geek_julieandcasper, Mar 13, 6:42 pm

Adsl flicking i had that a couple weeks ago,change jack points,filters,etc,and it still did it, finally i would switch of adsl router everytime i switched off the computer,then it seem to come right for some reason,now router left on and its okay

geek_spratman1, Mar 13, 9:32 pm

Wow. I am having the exact same problem. Was happening earlier today and this evening. about every 15 mins my ADSL went down. Never happened til today. Seems reasonably stable again now, but reset itself about 20 times. Never happened before. I am with Xnet in Rodney district using Dynalink RTA1320 if that matters.

geek_windsinger, Mar 13, 9:34 pm

.... we had that problem with telecom. stopped happening when we went to xnet lol

geek_charles.j, Mar 13, 9:35 pm

Dlink .....

geek_willz29, Mar 14, 9:01 pm

I had a problem with Xtra a while back I always phone the provider and let them talk me through all the checks.When I had the problem it lasted for a week and one of the tech team and I figured it out eventually. They had changed something at the junction and I needed to reset my computor to match.Nobody had advised about this change and I bet I wasn't the only one having a problem with it.

geek_ggg5, Mar 14, 11:17 pm