How to find out if my pc got SD or DDR RAM ?

geek_wyseman, Jul 30, 11:52 pm
How to find out if my pc got SD or DDR RAM ? without pulling them out. Thanks.

geek_ringo2, Jul 30, 11:54 pm
Google your computer make and model

geek_kevin16, Jul 30, 11:59 pm
You should know all your computers specs, if its not in the manual or you can't be fagged with that,.. use cpu-z

geek_rcd, Jul 31, 2:45 am
+1 cpu-z +1 for cpu-z = best option

geek_lythande1, Jul 31, 3:34 am
Look Take the side off and look.

geek_charles.j, Jul 31, 4:02 am
sd ram has two grooves in the chip. DDR only has one groove

geek_gibler, Jul 31, 4:34 am
Hmmm lets see BIOS setup ..SIW, the manual, gazing upon the mighty RAM sticks, specs of m/b on the web, get a psychic in, an invoice and ringing up the seller.

geek_badcam, Jul 31, 4:40 am
So wot it has? Try this:

geek_wyseman, Jul 31, 6:50 am
SIW sounds good, thanks. ...

geek_wyseman, Jul 31, 9:31 am
The results were: SIW couldn't tell, but cpu-z could. Thanks guys.

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