yahoo/xtra versus Thunderbird

scorpion2, Mar 14, 6:58am
Yahoo/xtra versus Thunderbird with telecom xtra and been getting emails (2) saying we had to update details online in order to keep our email service after 18th march thought we had done so but today other half had phone call from telecom to see if we had updated she said think so but then bloody telecom person said that they will not support Thunderbird any one else had this problem

mrploppy, Mar 14, 8:29am
What?? I seems a bit queer to ask to confirm details on-line - thats what scammers do! I have always used Thunderbird and have never been asked to update details on line. I would have thought that you would have received a written notice if they are going to terminate a paid service. I would do a phone check to check whats up.

mone, Mar 14, 9:01am
Personally I stay away from ISP mail .

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