Printer Drivers CANON Pixma printer

ent1, Jul 31, 3:33am
Printer Drivers CANON Pixma printer I have lost the disk for my iP3000 printer :( can I download it from the web somewhere any advise?

olack, Jul 31, 3:44am
Canon dot co dot nz = Pixma iP3000

ent1, Jul 31, 4:07am
Thanks!! many thanks olack.

pixma, Jul 31, 4:11am
I belong here ,

sanders4, Jul 31, 5:37am
Re 4 Only if you know how to find your home address!

olack, Jul 31, 6:50am
I'm baaaaaaaaaack...yes!

pixma, Jul 31, 6:58am
*Turns on T.V* Its nice to be home ;) What model am I ? lol

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