pdf document printing help required.

aduck, Jul 31, 3:24am
Pdf document printing help required. Been emailed 2 pdf documents ( one includes graphs )and have save to comp.
I have Abobe reader 8 installed.
Prob is they will not print as I keep getting message that I need to install a printer. (Duh!, not totally stupid)lol. Any ideas how to get round this issue?

deodar, Jul 31, 3:41am
Install a Printer

badcam, Jul 31, 8:55am
2. Heh heh! Nice! COuld it be that the .pdf has had the print function deliberately disabled? Is that what you're (That's you aduck) trying to tell us? Do you have a printer?

hakatere1, Jul 31, 3:04pm
Foxit from here: www.foxitsoftware.com/ might have enabled printing. I uninstalled Adobe because it kept trying to access the net and I didn't want it to.

ross1970, Jul 31, 9:04pm
Firstly make sure your print spooler service is running. ( All programs - administrative tools - services ). Scroll downt the list and start "print spooler". If however it is the security setting of the pdf stopping you then you need to unlock that with something like the acrobat key from "Passware enterprise kit 8". There was an ftp download for it on this MB awhile ago, works well. Sorry can't remember the ftp site.

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