acer aspire 5920G

angelheaven, Jul 31, 9:09am
Acer aspire 5920G we have just got a new laptop. Can I just plug in my ethernet cable from my broadband into the laptop to get internet. never had a laptop before do I need to install the xtra broadband disc??? on laptop

babcorp, Jul 31, 9:54am
YEP :) Just plug it in.

angelheaven, Jul 31, 10:29am
I just tried that and it say can not detect internet.

drcspy, Aug 1, 12:03am
controlpanel/internet options/connections/never dial a connection......

angelheaven, Aug 2, 1:10am
Drcspy thanks heaps that did it. We have an 8-port switch here that my son was going to use to run his x box live. Can I use that to connect the laptop and home computer to. So that I dont have to keep unplugging 1 to use the other. I have no idea what goes where as I cant find the box with instructions.

mrfxit, Aug 2, 1:27am
Yep shouldn't be a problem As long as it IS a network switch( most, if not all 10\100mb hubs are, . . It's the 10mb hubs that are NOT auto switching) & your laptop /home computer has been setup correctly for BB.

mrfxit, Aug 2, 1:31am
Angelheaven, just 1 question .. . . . . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHY in gods name did you buy an Acer . .. . . . .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . (eeewwwww, I feel like I am swearing when mentioning that name)

angelheaven, Aug 2, 1:35am
Mrfxit My son stood on our other one which was an acer. So insurance replaced it with that. Are they not very good??. Thought we would use it mainly for the kids to put there itunes etc on. Are you able to explain to me which plugs into what with that switch thingy

mrfxit, Aug 2, 2:26am
Acer have earn't a bad name for reliability This year. You either get a good unit or a heap of shite & have to nag them to replace or repair. Connection Should be straight forward enough. Just plug the BB modem/router in to the switch along with the other computers & the switch will take care of connecting them. As long as each computer has been setup for BB already, then it should be fine to plug them in & expect a connection. You may have to set each computers firewall to allow connection once, but otherwise pretty easy.

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