Hmmm, Vista, Acer.... Any knowalls in here ??

erudite82, Aug 2, 10:23am
Hmmm, Vista, AcerAny knowalls in here ?? OK, i got an aspire notebook, runnin vista, can anyone tell me about blue scrren
I have had RAM upgraded, and since, have had issues with puter, have put old ram back, and no more hanging, blue screens, or random flickers.The computer store insures that the ram was correct, but i am looking for further confirmation, of the ram that i require, or if it is even the ram causing me greif...

swivel, Aug 2, 10:36am
Well What Model. How old. What ram. Computer shop or Retail shop. What Blue screen error

deodar, Aug 2, 10:42am
If I was a Know All There'd be nothing left to Learn,& I'd never aquire any knowledge to help people like you.The
more I learn the more I realise how
much is left to learn,or how little I
know.Especially with computing-but feel free to learn yourself.

catbalu58, Aug 3, 12:51am
ACER Aspire Have had ours not even a year and its died and has been sent to Data Com in Wtgn for the second time in 3 weeks! That is after we had to contact ACER through there 0800 number in Sydney! Not impressed at all. Can't help you sorry. We just got a Compaq Presaria Laptop and not havingany hassels. Good luck.

kevin16, Aug 3, 12:54am
Hmm,.. mate has a 6mnth old acer, has dropped 1.5 usb ports,..told him to send it back for a claim, be interesting to see what happens,...

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