Printer - install drivers

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:25am
PRINTER HELP PLEASE I have lost my disk and i need the installer urgently. does anyone know where i can download this. thanks so much

drcspy, Mar 17, 1:26am
I know it sounds like the obviousl answer but from the makers website.......I mean to say if you needed a toyota manual for your car where would you go ? honda ?

drcspy, Mar 17, 1:27am
Sigh.........since i'm not feeling too mean today what is the make/model you have ?

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:27am
Its a HP deskjet 450 ... ohk, will try.

drcspy, Mar 17, 1:27am
Ah and your operating system ? xp etc ?

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:28am
Haha i scuk at cmputers. i didnt even think of that. i downloaded something but it didnt even work. THANKS THOUGH :D ;)

drcspy, Mar 17, 1:29am
Ok is thiis a mobile printer cause this is the only page I got :<br />-R163-1&h_pagetype=s-002&h_query=deskjet+450&submit.x=8&submit.y=10 ........are you sure it's only a 450 ?......

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:29am
Awesome. thanks. yes, thats what it says on printer. i was getting confused by that. i havent set up in about 3 yrs.

drcspy, Mar 17, 1:30am
Heres a simpler link :

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:31am
I think thats what i d/l and it gave me only some parameters thing with LaunchEXE=.DJ450.setupsetup.exe written on a notebook page??

drcspy, Mar 17, 1:31am
Maybe you need to look on the bottom of the printer they usually have a sticker with the EXACT model number.....

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:38am
Ah... ok. ill try downloading the other ci one and see what happens. doenst say anything on bottom accept the serial number and the number above barcode

sumzy, Mar 17, 1:50am
Ah it doesnt work. and when i FIND PRINTER it comes up with this directory service is not available.

pcmaster, Mar 17, 5:49am

lythande1, May 25, 10:10am
Shouldn't WinXP have all required drivers?

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