Anyone know how to restore

Anyone know how to restore shortcuts?Theyve all dissappeared.

geek_thatkiwidude, Aug 3, 4:38 am

From your desktop? is that like EVERY icon gone from your desktop? Are you on XP?

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 3, 4:59 am

On Vista home They've ALL gone off desktop.

geek_thatkiwidude, Aug 3, 5:16 am

Hope this helps click on start at buttom then click on help and support , at the top of next page you can type in at the top search box Shortcuts and press search. a page will come up with all about shortcuts.good luck

geek_happyas123, Aug 3, 5:39 am

Try thismaybe someone is pranking youRight Click the desktop, go to 'arrange icons by' and select 'Show Desktop Icons'

geek_jmpcwiz, Aug 3, 5:47 am

Eezy, peezyOn your desktop, r-click your mouse then click refresh!

geek_honeyb2sweet, Aug 3, 10:40 pm