how does bluetooth work on my acer ?

wardz4, Aug 4, 9:34am
How does bluetooth work on my acer ? I have an Acer 7720G but I haven't managed to transfer any files -it can't find my bluetooth (Samsung Envy) phone. Do I need something else ? It says "Make sure that your Bluetooth adapter is attached to your computer" -do I need a usb dongle of some sort !!!!

dunedin_ree, Aug 4, 9:40am
Yes if your computer doesn't have bluetooth built in. Your phone needs to "pair" with the laptop, and to do that it needs to be "discoverable". Your phone should come with instructions.

wardz4, Aug 4, 9:51am
Thanks, yes, got bluetooth "on" and "visible" etc. with the phone This a a late model Acer Aspire 17" 2 Ghz core duo etc that is supposed to have "integrated bluetooth" whatever that means. I was kinda hoping it meant I wouldn't need something etc to plug in to make it work.

dunedin_ree, Aug 4, 9:52am
Bluetooth has to be ON on your phone AND your laptop. Usually there's a switch or a hotkey to turn it on.

wardz4, Aug 4, 10:02am
Well my phone can't find computer and vice versa. Can't find any bluetooth hardware devicesin the control panel, so it looks like I need a dongle.

wardz4, Aug 4, 10:27am
Success ! Eye trouble ! Found the little key up the top with the bluetooth icon, and now my computer has shaken hands wirelessly with my phone ! Wonderful.

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