unableto access website

Unableto access website http://www.xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/index.php

I ahve an account with same but am unable to even access the homepage....always getting HTTP 403 forbidden

can anyone help???

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 5, 12:52 pm

Are you trying from Home, or from Work? If you are at work, I would suggest that your network administrators have blocked access to prevent staff from leaching bandwidth download torrents that have no relevance to the business that the company undertakes.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 5, 4:35 pm

Works for me what was your ratio?

geek_seriouslycgi, Aug 5, 4:42 pm

Whats your username? we could see if your banned

geek_seriouslycgi, Aug 5, 4:43 pm

My ratio was like 2.5 so why would they bann me????

would it be my ISP blocking my computer....this is access from home and I use orcon

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 5, 8:36 pm

User name is shackleman

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 5, 8:47 pm

Bump anyones help would be appreciated

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 6, 5:10 pm

Seriouslycgi can you or anyone help me with this site

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 7, 9:09 pm

There must be some computer expert who can help me solve this problem??

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 11, 5:37 am

I have tryed resetting my modem(extrenal ADSL) to try and change my IP but didnt work...sadly

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 11, 5:44 am

Empty your cache & cookies then try http://tmcmb.wikispaces.com/ccleaner have you tried accessing that site using a different browser as it works for me too d/l Firefox or Opera & try again...(wrestlings a Con)lol

geek_icioufa, Aug 11, 5:52 am

Cheers.lets see if this works

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 11, 6:13 am

Used cache cleaner and still no joy......I use vuze as torrent downloader and files I try and share ex site it wont allow.....this has only occurred in the last two weeks.....what gives????gives??????

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 11, 6:25 am

Have you tried using a different torrent d/ler i.e opera ,bittorrent, utorrent,have you uninstalled/reinstalled the one you are using ...

geek_icioufa, Aug 11, 6:33 am

I dont think its the torrent application its almost like I have been banned from the site and hence cant share the files with same...the frustrating thing about it is I dont know why and my ratio was 2.3 which is well above the minimum

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 11, 6:52 am

I give up,why bother offer suggestions for a fix if your not going to try them ,How do you know it's not the torrent applications thats feeking you up...

geek_icioufa, Aug 11, 7:01 am

Last chance before work,2 choices either go to a friends house(lol)& try there or send me your password at gmail, i can login in & check for you whether your disabled if not then you can change your password latter on when you work out whats wrong, your choice ...No skin off my nose if you don't...

geek_icioufa, Aug 11, 7:21 am

Icioufa cheers for your input ...I appreciate your advice and have used the cache cleaner
got to go out so will hop on message board this arvo

geek_gibbo1967, Aug 11, 8:20 am